Landroids FTC #4220

 (August 2007 – June 2014)
Landroids began its 7 years of FIRST participation as a neighborhood play date group in August 2007. It was the first FIRST team in Livingston, NJ and the founding team of Livingston Robotics Club. Landroids since evolved into a nationally and internationally known student science and robotics team, successfully competed in FIRST LEGO League, FIRST Tech Challenge, eCYBERMISSION, MoonBots, MIT-Leminson Invent Team, and FIRST Innovation Award. Members also participated one season (2013) in FIRST Robotics Competition as part of the FRC team Green MASHine 4460.

Since its FIRST LEGO League (FLL) days, Landroids has participated and won many states, national and international science and robotics competitions. The team was extremely active in community outreach, regularly hosting three large exhibitions, averaging about 20 outreach and volunteer events each year. In its 4th season in September 2010, Landroids transitioned from FLL to the high school level FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), learning all new skills and progresses to work with larger robots.

The team was an advocate in mentoring and stride to be a sustainable role model in promoting science, technology, math and engineering (STEM) to the students around the world, and those who were interested in learning outside of the classrooms. In 2013, member of team Landroids was invited to represent FIRST Tech Challenge to attend the White House Science Fair.

This highly competitive and hard working neighborhood team, made up of a group of friends who liked to hang out with a focused goal. The team met year round, 10 hours a week during the FLL days, at least 25 to 30 hours a week outside of school during the FTC years, spending a lot of time learning, doing independent projects, participate together in college internships, or just snacking and playing ultimate Frisbee together.

Landroids retired from FIRST in June 2014 as the all (except for one) team members graduated from high school. All Landroids graduates went on to pursue engineering, computer programming, science and pre-med in colleges. Some continue to volunteer and mentor in FIRST whenever schedule permitted. During the summer 2015, Landroids members also went on to intern at some prestigious organizations such as Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), MIT Lincoln Lab, and Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems (PISCES).

Coaches: John Yeh (Robotics) and Pearl Hwang (Judging)

Major Awards & Achievements (regional awards are not listed):

2007-2008 (FLL Power Puzzle)
2007 NJ FIRST LEGO League 1st place State Champion (NJ)
2008 FIRST LEGO League World Festival 2nd Place Robot Design, 3rd Place Robot Performance (International/Atlanta, GA)

2008  – 2009 (FLL Climate Connections)
2008 NJ FIRST LEGO League 1st place State Champion (NJ)
2009 FIRST LEGO League  US Open 1st place Champion’s Award, Battelle Founder’s Award, 1st place Robot Alliance Award (National/Ohio)

2009 – 2010 (FLL Smart Move)
2009 NJ State FIRST LEGO League 1st place Robot Design Award (New Jersey)
2010 Grand Challenge Stories nominee (National)
2010 eCYBERMISSION 1st Place National 8th grade winner (National, Baltimore, MD)
2010 Google X PRIZE Moonbots 1st place international grand prize winner (Global)

2010 – 2011 (FTC Get Over It)
2011 Delaware FIRST Tech Challenge State Championship Inspire Award winner (DE)
2011 Hudson Valley FIRST Tech Challenge State Championship Think Award (NY)
2011 NJ State FIRST Tech Challenge Championship Innovate Award (NJ)
2011 eCYBERMISSION 1st Place NJ State 9th grade winner (National/NJ)
2011 Google Science Fair spotlight team and participants (Global)
2011 FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship Rockwell Collins Innovate Award (St. Louis, MO)
2011 X PRIZE Foundation Exploration Prize Group STEM education student ambassador spotlight team (Global)

2011 – 2012 (FTC Bowled Over)
2012 DE FIRST Tech Challenge Championship #2 Inspire Award
2012 NJ State FIRST Tech Challenge Championship #1 Inspire Award
2012 PA State FIRST Tech Challenge Championship PTC Award
2012 FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship #1 Inspire Award (highest honor), World Finalist Alliance Captain,  Edison Division Winning Alliance Captain (St. Louis, MO)

2012 – 2013 (FTC Ring It Up)
2012 New Jersey FTC Fall Harvest Qualifier 1st place Inspire Award, Winning Alliance
2013 Pennsylvania FTC South Central Qualifier 1st place Inspire Award, Winning Alliance 1st pick
2013 Delaware FTC State Championship 1st place Inspire Award, Finalist Alliance Captain, #1 Seed
2013 Connecticut FTC State Championship Winning Alliance Captain, Connect Award, #1 Seed
2013 New Jersey FTC State Championship Innovate Award, #2 Seed
2013 FTC World Championship Edison Division Finalist Alliance Captain; #2 Inspire Award (nominated for Innovate, Think, PTC, and Connect Awards)

2013 – 2014 (FTC  Block Party)
2014 Vermont State Championship, 1st place Inspire Award, Winning Alliance Captain, #1 Seed
2014 New Jersey State Championship, Division Finalist Alliance, #3 Seed
2014 East Super Regional 1st place Inspire Award, Championship Winning Alliance Captain
2014 FTC World Championship Team


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