FTC Team

FIRST Tech Challenge team:
  • Comprised of up to 10 high school-aged students per team
  • Adult coaches and mentors are involved with assisting the students in most areas
  • Teams use a modular, reusable robotics kit that includes everything teams need to compete including: a complete metal set, robot controller, 11 motors, 10 sensors, gaming controllers, rechargeable batteries and chargers, and 3 software packages including classroom/site licenses.
  • Teams come from public, private, or home-schools; after-school groups, churches, civic and neighborhood groups.
  • Teams solicit support from their community and corporate

Exit 5 Robotics #8530 (2014)

Exit 5 Robotics is an all girls team with some of the most ardent STEM advocates and enthusiastic roboticists in the area.  The team is still coming together and hopes to leverage its collective 37 years of robotics experience with over 125 robotics competitions into to an exciting year in the highly charged arena of FTC.

Team Type: Competitive in both science research and robotics engineering.  Participates in various robotics competitions, science research projects, exhibitions, STEM  outreach events, and college internships.

Coaches: Bill Lam, Yitao Yu, Holly Lam

Members: 8th through 11th grades


Landroids #4220 (2007 – 2014)

Landroids is the founding team of Livingston Robotics Club (LRC), started privately as a FIRST LEGO League team in August 2007. It was the oldest LRC team, competed in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) division since September 2010.

Team Type: Highly competitive in both science research and robotics engineering.  Training and meeting 25 to 30 hours/week year-round. Team participated in various robotics competitions, science competitions, exhibitions, STEM  outreach events, and college internships. The team won multiple 1st place awards at the international and national level each year in both robotics tournaments and science research.

Coaches: John Yeh (robotics & technical adviser) and Pearl Hwang (judging & team manager)

Members: High School

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