Alpha Force



FLL Team #3070 – Alpha Force Mark VI

This season marks the 6th year for this team as well as the last season for the senior members. More posts to come!

2013 Alpha Force Team Picture


  • 2013 Qualifier Event at Pascack Hills High School, Montvale NJ
  • 2013 State Finals at Mt. Olive High School, Flanders NJ


  • 2013 #3 Robot Design, Bergen Qualifier
  • 2013 #2 Programming Award, State Finals



FLL Team #7185 – Alpha Force Revolution

Alpha Force Team

The team cranking up the revolution for a better season this year with seven members (6 old, 1 new) in 4th and 8th grade

2012 Alpha Force with Senior spirit


  • 2012 RoboFest at NJ Science and Engineering Festival, Clifton High School, Clifton NJ
  • 2012 Qualifier Event at Liberty Science Center, Jersey City NJ
  • 2012 State Finals at Mt. Olive High School, Flanders NJ


  • 2012 Champion’s Award, LSC Qualifier

2012 Alpha Force Champion's Award, Liberty Science Center Qualifier


2012 Robot SuperLolo


(Right) Robot’s Name is SuperLolo.

Fitted in with a 4-speed gear box and 4-wheel-drive gearing that allows switching between power and speed as needed. SuperLolo, meaning super “grandfather” is heavy and bulky but powerful. This grandpa uses 3 light/color sensors all the better to track/see the lines with.


2012 RoboFest Remote Controlled Demo Car


(Left) The RoboFest demo robot is a remote-controlled car built with a rear wheel differential and a fully functional steering wheel. The car can be controlled remotely using Bluetooth technology and a cell phone to turn left and right and to move forward and backward.


Research Project:

  • Helping a caregiver grandmother and a Parkinson’s patient grandfather through the use of a specially designed exoskeleton and remote override system


  • It is great to work with friends. And play hard too.
  • To overcome the obstacles and challenges presented by time, distance and space to the whole team
  • To always be there and understand the meaning of commitment and responsibility
  • To ask better questions for our resource persons and during our brainstorming sessions
  • To work hard at designing and building
  • To work harder at programming
  • To even work harder at testing, testing, testing…
  • To expound and give better answers and explanations during demos and interviews
  • To present their reports, project, designs and work better visually and orally
  • To greatly improve teamwork
  • To be more responsible with their leadership roles
  • To finally and truly enjoy the whole process…


FLL Team #4751 – Alpha Force Reloaded

The team got reloaded this year with LOTS of new members, resulting in six 3rd and 7th graders, (3 old, 3 new members). Shown here with Scott Evans.

2011 Alpha Force with Scott Evans


  • 2011 Qualifier Event at Pascack Hills High School, Montvale NJ
  • 2011 State Finals at Mt. Olive High School, Flanders NJ


  • 2011 #1 Robot Design, Bergen Qualifier


2011 Robot Chef
(Right) Robot’s Name is Chef.

It comes complete with “aprons”, “serving trays” and an easier way of running the programs.


Research Project:

  • Using a system of tiny robots and big robots to help inspect the food coming in to the stores and food companies


  • To overcome all sorts of challenges, scheduling conflicts and still do one’s best!
  • Each team member did different things and tasks for the team but all contributed to work that needs to be done.
  • With teamwork, all things are possible, even if there’s not much time left.
  • Building with Legos is fun. Building robots and machines with Legos is cool. Making them come alive is awesome!
  • Learned to do other cool things like making stop animation videos using Legos and our phones


FLL Team #3974 – Alpha Force 3.0

3.0 represented the third generation of team members (1 old, 3 new) with one 2nd grader and three 6th graders

2010 Alpha Force


  • 2010 Qualifier Event at Hillsborough High School, Hillsborough NJ


  • None but the rewards are the great fun, friendship, challenges and memories this year!

2010 Alpha Force


2010 Robot Fabio


(Right) Robot’s Name is Fabio.

Cleverly designed with a multi-purpose feature that was used for many uses at varying heights. The youngest member made all the attachments used for the missions.


Research Project:

  • Helping polio victims in poor countries


  • You must dig deep into the problem to find a solution.
  • There is a way of overcoming challenges, no matter what.
  • That not all communities are rich and that some communities have extremely limited resources
  • Hard work and the importance of teamwork
  • If programming is a lot of work, then testing over and over again for accuracy can drive you nuts!


FLL Team #3360 – Alpha Force

Totally hooked into FLL and returning with five members (1 old, 4 new) in 4th, 5th and 6th grade

2009 Alpha Force

  • 2009 Qualifier Event at Hillsborough High School, Hillsborough NJ
  • 2009 State Finals at Mt. Olive High School, Flanders NJ


  • 2009 #1 Robot Design, Hillsborough Qualifier

2009 Alpha Force


2009 Robot Bullet


(Right) Robot’s Name is Bullet.


Research Project:

  • Keeping kids safe while crossing busy intersections


  • Teamwork, friendship and cooperation
  • Problems can be solved in many different ways, designs and ideas!
  • Programming is easy. Making the programs work is hard.
  • Hard work and practice make perfect.


FLL Team #7125 – Livingston Alpha Force

Rookie year with three members in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade

2008 Alpha Force


  • 2008 Qualifier Event at Montclair High School, Montclair NJ


  • None but the rewards fpr this experience are great!!!

2008 Robot with no name


(Right) Robot’s Name is … {unnamed}. We were too overwhelmed to even think about naming this guy. He’s our very first working robot!!!


Research Project:

  • Controlling the gypsy moth problem that attacked the trees in our town


  • To do our best!

2008 Alpha Force

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