Spongebots (Jr.FLL in the first year)

Spongebots (Jr.FLL in the first year)

We started our team as the first Junior FIRST LEGO League (Jr.FLL) team in Livingston formed in 2009. Spongebots consisted of three kindergarteners and three first graders from Harrison Elementary School.  The team enjoyed weekly activities as part of their participation in Jr. FLL program, discussing about that year’s Challenge, Smart Move, which was related to transportation. The team decided to demonstrate how a computer and a cat move across the continents, and developed a fictional story about a family that needed to move from another country to New York City.

The team members also built models and write robotics programs using LEGO WeDo robotics platform which is specifically designed for young children. Team members built LEGO models and wrote a robotics program to demonstrate a cat, a computer, ships, and an airplane with motors and a sensor to operate propellers. The complexity of their models landed them with the Complexity and Decoration Award at the Jr. FLL Expo held in conjunction with the 2009 NJ FLL State tournament.

Out team continued participation in the Jr.FLL program for two more seasons. We have moved up to FLL in the 2013 season.






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