The FLL Lifehacks

This is the (un)official page for FLL Lifehacks to show the uncommon solutions for common problems that the teams encounter during the FIRST LEGO League seasons.

Our team, the Spongebots, with five 4th and 5th graders who just graduated from Junior FIRST LEGO League to participate in the 2013 FLL season (Nature’s Fury) for the first time. We found ourselves in situations where we needed to fix many problems.

One of them which we had throughout our entire season was that the plane’s departure tower kept falling down no matter how much tape we put. It had been such a problem that in the practice event we participated, the organizer laid out a rule specifically on what to do for the case of tower down. After we had only a week to go before the tournament, we finally fixed it once and for all.

It may not be one of the most creative and funniest lifehacks that you may find out there on the Internet, but we think this is a good start. You just need two small pieces of wood which you can just rip the thin layer off from the wooden saw horses that support the table and nail them down (see the picture):


We are confident that this will permanently fix your issue on the falling tower. So we decided to put up this page as the permanent repository of all FLL Lifehacks out there for teams that find themselves in other situations during the FLL seasons and come up with unusual solutions. If you would like to contribute your solutions by including you team’s FLL Lifehacks on this page or linking to your page, please email us at‏. We will add them.

Hopefully, we will see this solution on the official competition tables. Have fun with your tournaments!

Fine print: We are not responsible in any way for any damages, injuries or deaths as the result of trying any of these lifehacks. Do it at your own risk!!!

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