Welcome from the Spongebot team!!!

Our  team is a long standing member of  LRC.  We’ve been building robots since 2013!

Our FLL Experiences:

  • In our Nature Fury season, as a rookie FLL team, we built a prototype of a warm blanket that can be used during a power outage. We received the Rookier Inspiration Award at the Clifton Qualifying Event.
  • In our World Class season, we build a machine called RLD (Raised Line Drawer) in a hope to help blind students to learn how to draw and help them to communicate in pictures. We received the 2nd Place Programming Award at the North Jersey State Championship.
  • In our Trash Trek season, we worked on a project to solve a problem of recycling. We visited a recycling plant back in September and came back with a solution called Artificial Intelligence Recycler. We received the 1st Place Innovative Solution Award at North Jersey State Championship. Under the name Team A.I.R., we became a semi-finalist of the FLL Global Innovation Award. See the history of Team A.I.R. here.
  • For the Animal Allies season, we designed an built an innovative and human trap for feral cats.
  • For the Hydro Dynamics season, we invented an intelligent shower head that gauged water consumption and encouraged users to use water responsibly. We received the 1st Place Robot Strategy & Innovation Award at the North Jersey State Championship.

Our Robocup Junior Experiences:

  • We entered our first RCJ Open Soccer competition in 2018.  In 3 months, we designed and built 2 autonomous soccer robots.  We used android phones for computer vision and soccer logic, and microcontroller boards for motor control and sensor data acquisition.
  • In the 2019 season we improved our robot design, moving from 6th to 3rd place at the USA competition in NYC.  Major changes included a switch to Raspberry Pi and and the python implementation of Open CV, and upgrades to our chassis construction, addition of a dribbler, and upgraded motors.

Other links:

2018 – Our team’s first generation soccer bots –

2019 – competing with 2nd generation design –



At the Livingston Maker Faire



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