Power Legends

Power Legends  #6268 (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)

Team Type: Enrichment, training 2.5 hrs / week (September to December)

2014 Coaches:  Dorian Bailey.  Assistants: David Platt, Dave Getts, Melissa Klemmer

2014 Members: Anthony, Cooper, Daniel, Gabe, Edward I., Edward L., Owen, Thomas, Zack

We are the Power Legends, an LRC FIRST LEGO League team formed in fall 2011. In 2014 our team was expanded to 9 members, all boys (ages 10-12), from Florham Park, Livingston, and Jefferson.


The Team - 2014 -


The team in 2014.

From left to right: Daniel, Owen, Thomas, Gabe , Edward L., Cooper, Zack, Anthony
Not pictured: Edward I.




Thomas, Gabe, Zack, Cooper and Edward L. practicing.





2013 Coaches: Dorian Bailey, Lisa Tokuda

2013 Members: Cameron, Cooper, Jack & Julie (grades 4/5/6, ages 9-11)

2013 Awards: Robot Design Award, Hillsborough Qualifier


2012 Coaches: Dorian Bailey, Maureen Chase

2012 Members: Austin, Cameron, Cooper, Jack, Julie & Miles (grades 3-5, ages 8-10)


2011 Coaches: Dorian Bailey, Maureen Chase

2011 Members: Austin, Brandon, Cooper & Jack

2011 Mentors: Team Landrias

2011 Awards: Judges Award, Liberty Science Center Qualifier 2011

Our Team 2013

Power Legends 2013
Power Legends 2013 – Jack, Julie, Cameron & Cooper
The Power Legends 2012
Cameron Xu


Cameron  is a fourth grader at Allen W Robert school in New Providence. Cameron loves reading, math, science and social studies.  He plays piano and has won several state piano competitions.  He also plays clarinet in band.  He loves swimming, bike riding and playing soccer.This is Cameron’s second season with the Power Legends.



Cooper is a fifth grader at Brooklake Elementary school in Florham Park.  Cooper is a minecrafter, an avid cyclist on his retro Schwinn bike, and enjoys recess while in school..  When he is not hanging out with his friends, Cooper enjoys walking his dog Terry and sharpening his skills in video game creation.  This is Cooper’s third season with the Power Legends.



Jack  is a sixth grader at Mount Pleasant Middle  School in Livingston, NJ. His favorite subjects are science, math and gym.  Jack has been playing the trumpet since 4th grade and was selected to participate in his school’s Holiday Band and Jazz Band.  Jack participates in Math Counts at his school.  Within the last several months, Jack started Taekwondo and has achieved the rank of green belt.   For fun, he enjoys playing electronic games and hanging out with his friends.This is Jack’s third season with the Power Legends.




Julie, formerly of South Orange, lives in Chester and has been homeschooled since April. Her Minecraft obsession has been replaced by a Scratch obsession, and she is also enjoying learning to code Python. She studies Taekwondo and is a first-degree brown belt.This is Julie’s second season with the Power Legends.



December 1 2012 – Qualifier At Liberty Science Center

We competed in our qualifier at Liberty Science Center.  We did really well and we had a wonderful day.  We had some AMAZING  teamwork at the robot table.  In round one Team Jack-&-Julie scored 140. In round two, Team Austin-&-Cameron scored 145.  These were decent scores, but not the 270 we had been aiming for!

We weren’t sure what to do for round three, but then Jack came up with the brilliant idea of letting all four kids get a chance.  Everyone enthusiastically agreed, and it went swimmingly.  The round opened with Team Austin-&-Cameron at the controls – they did the quilts.  Then they “tagged off” and Team Jack-&-Julie took the help.  The final (best) score was 255!  This moved the Power Legends from rank #9 (after round two) up to rank #5 !!!  It was the highlight of our day.

Sadly, we did not win an award or qualify for the NJ State Competition. However, we have much to be proud of: besides our climb to #5 at the robot game, we  ranked #4 in Robot Design (out of 12 teams at Liberty Science Center). Apparently the judges were impressed by our sophisticated use of color and line sensors.

From Coach Mo to The Power Legends

Here’s a quote for you:
“You are 
than you believe
than you seem, and
think you think you are.”
– C.R.
Awesome Austin, Clever Cameron, Creative Cooper, Jokeful Jack, Jumpin’ Julie and Magic Miles —
Wasn’t it wonderful to see a team of three broaden to embrace the talents of three new teammates?
How fortunate you all are that you became friends.
You were “in the moment” and enjoyed so much today:
– what you discovered is more important than winning. You discovered each other, became closer with your grandparents, learned more about seniors and how you can help them, more about your community, … and so much more.
– you created nicknames for yourselves that are fun, which you will remember — remember the fun!
– the improvisation of tweaking the robot and the tag out.
– the amazing moment of the third robot run! and the moment you saw your points projected on the score screen! Way to go!
– so many times today, you handled the new rules graciously and professionally. You achieved SO MANY THINGS this season.
Keep these moments with you. Be proud of who you are, because you are WONDERFUL people.
All of us adults are so fortunate to know you.
 Power Legends “High Fives,” to this season’s BRAVE, STRONG and SMART team!

Field Trip to Livingston Senior Center

Field Trip to Livingston Senior Center

Field Trip to Livingston Senior Center





Coach Dorian and Julie


Jack and Cooper



Austin, Cameron & Julie

Cameron & Julie

Cooper & Julie


Cooper & Julie



Senior Buddies

Cooper and Roberta


Austin and Oma


Miles and his grandfather

Julie with Bubbe Corinne












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