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Supreme Machine had a Supreme Victory at Clifton FLL Qualifier

On Saturday, November 19, the five members LRC  team Supreme Machine #4754 had an amazing day at the 2011 New Jersey FIRST LEGO League regional qualifier event held at Clifton High School. Throughout the day, our team enjoyed sharing and networking about our “Food Factor” science projects and robot design ideas with 21 other teams. […]

LRC teams Won at November NJ FLL & FTC Qualifiers

Over this past weekend, multiple FIRST LEGO League (FLL) and FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) qualifiers took place throughout New Jersey, LRC teams once again proven to be high performing in both divisions with 3 LRC teams took home 1st place awards. On the FLL front, on Saturday 11/19/11, LRC teams Supreme Machines #4751 and Alpha […]

LRC teams at Metuchen FLL Practice Event

Five Livingston Robotics Club teams were at the Nov. 13, 2011 FIRST LEGO League “Food Factor” practice tournament in Metuchen, NJ. FTC team Landroids #4220 and its sister FLL team Landrias #4282 served as the referees for 29 registered FLL teams.  To prepare for this event, both teams had to spend days to study the […]

2011-2012 FTC, FLL, Jr. FLL Season Event List

The FIRST Tech Challenge, FIRST LEGO League and Jr. FIRST LEGO League challenge seasons are well underway since September.  Teams from all over New Jersey are competing in various regional qualifiers to work their way up to the State Championships. These events are held on weekends throughout NJ, and are free and open to public. […]

Preparing for FLL Tournaments

NJ FIRST LEGO League qualifiers are fast approaching. Here is a list of quick links to what you need to bring to the tournaments: FIRST Consent and Release Form (Get 2 copies signed, one for qualifier, one for State) FLL Team Information Sheet (Save it to your computer first.  Type out info in Word, cut […]

Liberty Science Center Cafe Tour, 10/19/11

Most of us have visited Liberty Science Center before, but on 10/19/11, the Livingston Robotics Club FLL and Jr. FLL teams got a behind-the-scene tour of the Skyline Cafe food service operation. From loading dock to plate, the Director of LSC’s Restaurant Associates, Tom Lambert, took the members from 7 LRC FLL and Jr. FLL teams for […]

Walking Down the Aisles at Shoprite

Kids with note pads and pens in hands were walking down the Livingston Shoprite aisles on a weeknight.  It is  not for a school project, but rather, they are the Livingston Robotics Club (LRC) robotics teams conducting project research as part of the on-going global FIRST LEGO League challenge. The 2011 FLL “Food Factor” challenge […]

NJ FIRST LEGO League Team Directory 2011-12

Once again, team Landroids has compiled our annual unofficial New Jersey FIRST LEGO League Team Directory for the 201-12 “Food Factor” season.  This is our team’s 4th year in putting together a team directory list for the NJ FLL community.  A total of 163 NJ teams has registered this season as of the closed of US […]

LRC “Food Factors” Meet the Experts Series

Livingston Robotics Club is announcing our line-up of  Meet the Experts for the FIRST LEGO League “Food Factor” season. As our FLL teams are busy learning about food safety and planning their own field trips, our membership has its privileges to some additional opportunities. First up in October are two guided tours at Livingston Shoprite, hosted by their […]

Liberty Science Center Skyline Cafe Tour 10/19/11

LRC members-only tour of Liberty Science Center Cafe Skyline to learn about the restaurant food safety program, from loading dock to plate.  This exclusive tour will be held on Wednesday 10/19/11 at 5 PM at Liberty Science Center sponsored by the LSC Restaurant Association to learn about their food safety protocol.  The “from loading dock to plate” tour is about […]

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