2018 Northern NJ FLL Championship Award Winners

Award Team # Team Name Organization Township
Champion’s Award, #1 2228 Exit 5A Robotics Livingston Robotics Club Livingston
Champion’s Award, #2 4618 CyberHawks Holdrum Middle School Westwood
Champion’s Award, #3 18528 Mega Bots Neighborhood Group Ridgewood
Robot Performance #1 (262) 25231 Robo Raptos Family/Community Fair Lawn
Robot Performance #2 (238) 32581 Flame Machines Livingston Robotics Club Millburn
Robot Strategy & Innovation, #1 11768 Buzz Aldrin ETC Mt. Hebron Middle School Montclair
Robot Strategy & Innovation, #2 38069 Short Circuit Family/Community Edison
Robot Programming, #1 23122 Mindtech Pierrepont School Rutherford
Robot Programming, #2 5623 The U.F.O.s Youth Organization Riverdale
Robot Design, #1 34957 Robo Rockets Home School Parsippany
Robot Design, #2 31550 Creative Circuit Breaker Family/Community Pennington
Project Presentation, #1 23828 Primoris Lions Primoris Academy Westwood
Project Presentation, #2 4295 COLAbots Home School Flanders
Project Innovative Solution, #1 30486 Krypton Warriors Home School Parsippany
Project Innovative Solution, #2 7377 Bender Bots Neighborhood Group West Windsors
Project Research, #1 9643 Lego Lords Immaculate Conception School Annadale
Project Research, #2 15878 Adroit Robotics Livingston Robotics Club Livingston
CV Gracious Professionalism, #1 21284 Princeton Plutonians J. Witherspoon Middle School Princeton
CV Gracious Professionalism, #2 37130 Spark Family/Community Princeton Junction
CV Teamwork, #1 3100 STA Brainstormers St. Thomas the Apostle School Bloomfield
CV Teamwork, #2 37496 SAS Squad Family/Community Old Bridge
CV Inspiration, #1 42053 GearChangers Family/Community Plainsboro
CV Inspiration, #2 40223 HOW BOT DAT Family/Community Somerset
Judges Award 31287 Beyond Infinity Family/Community Princeton
Judges Award 32037 Midnight Thinkers Millstone River School Plainsboro
Judges Award 31107 Trypticon Government Montville
Mentor of the Year Award 4295 Pam Heinrich COLAbots Flanders
Volunteer Award Cheryl Broer Mt. Olive

LRC FLL Teams Competing to get “Into Orbit”

The Northern New Jersey FLL Championship concluded the super exciting and fun December weekend with team Exit 5A Robotics, an LRC member, taking home the crown jewel of the 2-day event: 1st Place Champion’s Award! They will be representing the region at the FIRST World Festival next year. Congratulations!!!

Two other LRC teams that advanced to the Championship also got their hands full: Team Adroit Robotics received the 2nd Place Project Research Award, and team Flame Machines got the 2nd Place Robot Performance Award with 238 points.

Congratulations also go to teams RoboKnights, Robot Nation, Thingamabot, and WINJAS for successfully competing in regional qualifiers. Competition experiences and profiles of all these teams are being posted to our Facebook page:

Recapping Exit 5A Robotics’ FLL AMA FIRST Lego League – Ask Me Anything

Exit 5A Robotics held their FIRST (punny!) AMA (Ask Me Anything) session for FLL FIRST Lego League on Oct 14th. Held a concurrent online streaming session for people to ask questions as well as parents & kids attending in person. We had 63 interested respondents on Facebook with 8 Facebook’ers attending in person and 34 in-person RSVPs via Google. Wide variety of folks in attendance with interest in FLL and FLL Junior. The all-girl Exit 5A team was able to share their diversity of experiences including some FLL Junior, FLL, WRO, VEX. E5A’s panelists were equally diverse with some having 1yr of FLL experience, another coming from another FLL team, one that left the team in 2016, and one that aged out in 2018, and some with 8 continuous years of robotics. We had a table with our robots, and mingled afterwards with parents & coaches & team members. We hope it was a useful session for those that attended!
Entire session is available for viewing at https://youtu.be/PGn4Rn2Cgf4.
Thanks to Kelly Eagen from LRC & Spongebots for moderating.
Contact exit5Arobotics@gmail.com for more information, improvements, or suggestions for future events.

Learn About FLL via AMA with Exit 5A Robotics Oct 14th 4:00pm – 530pm

RSVP here

All-Girls Exit 5A Robotics AMA (Ask Me Anything) about FLL FIRST Lego League.

With 31 years of collective FLL seasons and 21 robotics competition events, the all-girls STEM’ers of Exit 5A Robotics are hosting a Team AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Oct 14th 430pm to 530pm at Livingston Robotics Club (290 W. Mount Pleasant Ave, Livingston, NJ). We’ll also be livestreaming https://youtu.be/oLgBS7mWSfE and you can submit questions via chat. We’ll have a bunch of our FLL and WRO robots on display as well. Bring your robots if you have robot specific questions.

The call is out for parents, students, coaches to bring their burning FLL questions and unanswered mysteries of competitive robotics to the student members of Exit 5A Robotics. We don’t propose to know everything. We may not always have the right answers. We don’t always win and have at times been outright crushed at competitions. But we can definitely share the unique and rarely heard perspective of young roboticists.

Consider that the vast majority of information about FLL and competitive robotics is spoken, written, disseminated, and posted by adults who are coaches, mentors, or organizing competition committees. This event offers parents, coaches, and students the opportunity to ask questions and hear unvarnished answers from the E5A team, including current and former team members. The event will be lightly moderated by an adult mentor. In essence, ask anything but abide by FLL Core Values.

For those that cannot make it in person, we are also planning to stream the event online and field questions online. https://youtu.be/oLgBS7mWSfE

4:00-4:30 pot luck – light snacks & refreshments
4:30-5:30 AMA session (livestream starts 430pm)

September is here and it’s time for FLL, except …. who changed my Core Values?


With the busy summer vacations behind us, it’s an odd week of relative quiet brought about by a shortened Labor Day week and the start of school. That means only one thing for those in the know. It’s time to start ramping up for Into Orbit FIRST Lego League! For those returning FLL teams, there are lots of changes this season. So many in fact, that many things might seem quite oddly out of place. The 8 pillars of FLL as we have all so earnestly memorized and practiced are now, motto non grata (or depending upon the severity of your Jersey accent, “motto non grotto”)

• We are a team.
• We do the work to find solutions with guidance from our coaches and mentors.
• We know our coaches and mentors don’t have all the answers; we learn together.
• We honor the spirit of friendly competition.
• What we discover is more important than what we win.
• We share our experiences with others.
• We display Gracious Professionalism® and Coopertition® in everything we do.
• We have FUN!

How many times have you encountered situations in your lives and thought about which FLL Core Values applied? It has been the standard mantra for coaches and teams for over a decade now (or longer?). All gone! Well, it’s time for change!

Well not really all gone. It’s been reset, renewed, rebooted, refreshed, recast, repackaged, and re-purposed for a new generation of fearless STEM-ing young adults ready to make a difference in the world.

It really does make sense actually. In the intervening 10+ years that the “old” set of Core Values was done by FLL there’s been a massive transformation in the way we work, live, play, and communicate. We went from MySpace to Facebook to Instagram. YouTube didn’t exist in 2004. Now YouTube is watched more than TV. Among youth in 2004, the ratio of messaging app usage to email usage was 1:1. In 2018 that ratio is 10:1. Add in the physical changes in the world that seem to have accelerated in the last dozen years, melting ice caps, shrinking glaciers, record temperatures, and it is easy to see why change was needed.

It’s notable that the anchors of Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition have remained. In a sense, it is simply “do the right thing”. That’s how it was in 2005 and that how it remains now, “do the right thing”. From the FIRST website:

We express the FIRST philosophies of Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition through our Core Values:

  • Discovery: We explore new skills and ideas.
  • Innovation: We use creativity and persistence to solve problems.
  • Impact:  We apply what we learn to improve our world.
  • Inclusion: We respect each other and embrace our differences.
  • Teamwork: We are stronger when we work together.
  • Fun: We enjoy and celebrate what we do!

It’s different from what we knew so well before, but on closer examination, it is so very appropriate for 2018 and beyond. It’s more inspirational. Solve problems. Improve our world. Embrace differences. Enjoy & Celebrate. Work together.

Embrace the core values change and HAVE FUN in your FLL journey this season!

Juniper Networks, Emerald Knights, RoboRocks, Robonators, Exit 5 Robotics, Pitch in at NJ World Robot Olympiad (WRO) Qualifier

The 2nd annual NJ World Robot Olympiad (WRO) Qualifier at the Liberty Science Center blasted by us this past Saturday Aug 4th 2018 and it was all made possible with a healthy dose of 31 volunteers from all walks of STEM and robotics. Juniper Networks sponsored the event and Liberty Science Center graciously provided the venue. Thanks to volunteer staff including:

  • Emerald Knights FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge): Preston Wu – Design Award Judge, Anna Xia – Score Keeper, Angelina Chu – Interviews, David Samolkin – Video
  • RoboRocks: Shining Wang – Sideline Ambassador, Jim Wang – Elementary Category Referee, Geoffrey Zheng – Photography
  • Exit 5 Robotics VRC (VEX Robotics Challenge): Chloe Lam – Junior Category Referee, Tina Wu – Football (Soccer) Referee, Catherine Zhang – Elementary Category Referee, Erin Eagen – Emcee, Holly Lam – Event Organizer, Rachael Prokap – Sideline Ambassador
  • Spongebots FLL (FIRST Lego League): Kelly Eagen – Emcee
  • Robonators VRC: Punit Mahajan – Sideline Manager,  Sharan Peshin – Sideline Ambassador, Eshaan Mahajan – DJ
  • Exit 6 Brobotics: Ryan Lam – Sideline Ambassador, Bill Lam – Event Organizer
  • FTC Referees: Kathy Rutherford – Senior Category Referee, Yitao Yu – WeDo Referee
  • and thanks to Juniper Networks for supplying volunteers, Teamwork Awards, visitor gifts, and a photo booth!

Now the fastest growing robotics competition in NJ, nearly doubling in size from 11 teams in 2017 to 19 teams in 2018. WRO offers competition categories for elementary, junior high, and high school students. Competition categories include a selection of intensive programming and robotics building challenges for students from elementary to high school grades.

Thanks again to all the volunteers who made it possible for 19 teams to compete at this event. For more information on competing in 2019, contact BLam @ wro-usa DOT org.

LRC teams WINJAS and Exit 5A Robotics will be advancing to the WRO US Nationals.

Registration Open for NJ World Robot Olympiad Qualifier WRO at Liberty Science Center LSC Aug 4

World Robot Olympiad qualifier at Liberty Science Center on August 4th still has open spots. 16 teams are currently registered. It’s not too late to sign up a team. We already have one LRC team, Exit 5A Robotics busy getting ready for the qualifier.

Deadline to register is Friday July 27.

  • Build your robot in the morning, compete in the afternoon!
  • No coach or parent involvement at the event
  • Challenge rules are online at https://www.wro-usa.org/
  • 2 to 3 students per team
  • Mindstorms EV3
  • Competition Categories:
    • WeDo (using Lego WeDo system)
    • Elementary Regular (EV3)
    • Middle School Regular (EV3)
    • High School Regular (EV3)
    • Open Category (similar to FLL Project portion)
    • Soccer (EV3)

Spots are currently open for a few more teams. In 2017, three Livingston Robotics Club teams (Livebot – Elementary Category, Exit 5A Robotics – Junior Category, Exit 5 Robotics – Senior Category) qualified for WRO Nationals and two moved on to WRO World Finals in Costa Rica. This year’s World Finals will be held in Thailand in November 2018.

Sponsors: Lego Education, Juniper Networks, National Instruments

Contact blam@wro-usa.org for more information


LRC FLL Jr. Expo, May 19, 2018

The LRC Jr.FLL Expo (co-hosted by Thingamabot and RoboRocks) was held on May 19, 2018. The theme for the season was about human water cycle. There were 41 teams from 22 towns participated in our Expo.

See more on our 2018 Expo page.

Crossing the Finish Line of 2017/2018 Season with Design Award

Just completed the 2017/2018 VRC (VEX Robotics Competition) season today with the Design Award in the 60 team Open Category at the CREATE US Open Championships. A curiously circuitous path led us to this point, but we are definitely grateful to have gotten here. After a strong start to the VRC season, we reached the mid-point in early January a bit winded and uncertain of how the remainder of the season would finish out. The intricate balancing of family, school, sports, and recovering from the loss of five seniors finally seemed to have caught up with us. Building four robots for four competitions worked well until it didn’t at the 3rd & 4th qualifiers. With the help of long time e5’er, Erin Eagen, we even scratched out enough time to make a unique and witty video entry into the VEX Online challenge in the Girl Powered category. An hour of mentoring on time management was just the kick the our rookie all-boys sibling team, Exit 6 Brobotics, needed to win the top award at the NJ State VEX IQ Championships and qualify for the VEX World Championships.

We finally scaled back our ambitious robotics competition schedule with a renewed focus on learning and effective use of our time. Even with the respite, our 5th robot at our 5th qualifier in February yielded disappointing results. In parallel, as part of a three year effort, we finally gathered enough momentum to contact and recruit over 30 women’s robotics teams and STEM organizations for the 1st ever Women in Engineering Day at the Liberty Science Center, Feb 17, 2018. Great to see the participation rate ramping rapidly for young women in robotics. When we started in 2010, we were among three all-girls teams in NJ among all competition disciplines. Now in 2018, we find ourselves amidst a talented and successful crowd of over 30 young women’s robotics teams in NJ competing in FLL, VEX IQ, WRO, FTC, VRC, RCJ.

Returning to the drawing board with a 6th robot for the VRC NJ State Championships resulted in the Build Award and a moment of redemption. Aside from that, the 5 week run up to the CREATE US Open still gave us ample time to say “Hey…6 wasn’t enough, let’s make a 7th robot!” With a deep breath, we took the 6th robot and unceremoniously lopped off everything from the wheels up to create “Wally”, robot #7. With much of the team embroiled in ACT/SAT prep, the team decision to send only three members turned out to be fortuitous as they were refreshed, effective, and super cool at US Open. The season turned out to be a unexpected testament to effectiveness of unselfish individuals rising to meet the challenge for the overall gain of the team.

We plan to add 1 or 2 team members (9th-12th grades) to the 2018/2019 team. If you are interested, send us a message: e5r AT livingstonrobotics DOT org.

In the meantime, we’ll be resting up and looking forward to the 2018/2019 competition season of learning!

Design Award @ CREATE US Open Championships – Open Category


Build Award @ VRC NJ State Championships

1st Annual Women in Engineering Day @ Liberty Science Center with over 30 women’s robotics team and STEM organizations.

2017 Northern New Jersey FLL Championship Results

Awards Team # Team Name City
Champion’s Award, #1 6544 Green Machine Princeton
Champion’s Award, #2 8421 Princeton Unimators Princeton
Champion’s Award, #3 4295 COLAbots Flanders
Robot Strategy & Innovation, #1 6963 Spongebots Livingston (LRC)
Robot Strategy & Innovation, #2 4618 CyberHawks Westwood
Robot Programming, #1 18528 Mega Bots Ridgewood
Robot Programming, #2 4774 Madison Madison
Robot Mechanical Design, #1 17505 MidKnight Magicians Plainsboro
Robot Mechanical Design, #2 18637 RoboRocks Princeton
Project Presentation, #1 31180 OLO Robotics East Hanover
Project Presentation, #2 24819 Futuristic Engineers Princeton Junction
Project Innovative Solution, #1 15878 Adroits Robotics Livingston (LRC)
Project Innovative Solution, #2 15560 Shockwave Robotics Trenton
Project Research, #1 31773 Hyper Circuits Parsippany
Project Research, #2 23228 MidKnight Masterz Princeton Junction
CV Gracious Professionalism, #1 31957 Fried Circuits Mountain Lakes
CV Gracious Professionalism, #2 11768 Buzz Aldrin Etc Montaclair
CV Teamwork, #1 3411 Thunder South Plainfield
CV Teamwork, #2 33598 PeckBots Morristown
CV Inspiration, #1 16647 Cavallini Cardinals Saddle River
CV Inspiration, #2 30296 Robocraft Parsippany
Robot Performance #1 (262) 15880 Robo Warriors (270 points) Edison
Robot Performance #2 (244) 25320 Promethio (245 points) Livingston (LRC)
Judges Award 26361 Roboclaws Skillman
Judges Award 16610 Nanogurus Morris Plains
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