LRC FLL Jr. Expo, May 19, 2018

The LRC Jr.FLL Expo (co-hosted by Thingamabot and RoboRocks) was held on May 19, 2018. The theme for the season was about human water cycle. There were 41 teams from 22 towns participated in our Expo.

See more on our 2018 Expo page.

Crossing the Finish Line of 2017/2018 Season with Design Award

Just completed the 2017/2018 VRC (VEX Robotics Competition) season today with the Design Award in the 60 team Open Category at the CREATE US Open Championships. A curiously circuitous path led us to this point, but we are definitely grateful to have gotten here. After a strong start to the VRC season, we reached the mid-point in early January a bit winded and uncertain of how the remainder of the season would finish out. The intricate balancing of family, school, sports, and recovering from the loss of five seniors finally seemed to have caught up with us. Building four robots for four competitions worked well until it didn’t at the 3rd & 4th qualifiers. With the help of long time e5’er, Erin Eagen, we even scratched out enough time to make a unique and witty video entry into the VEX Online challenge in the Girl Powered category. An hour of mentoring on time management was just the kick the our rookie all-boys sibling team, Exit 6 Brobotics, needed to win the top award at the NJ State VEX IQ Championships and qualify for the VEX World Championships.

We finally scaled back our ambitious robotics competition schedule with a renewed focus on learning and effective use of our time. Even with the respite, our 5th robot at our 5th qualifier in February yielded disappointing results. In parallel, as part of a three year effort, we finally gathered enough momentum to contact and recruit over 30 women’s robotics teams and STEM organizations for the 1st ever Women in Engineering Day at the Liberty Science Center, Feb 17, 2018. Great to see the participation rate ramping rapidly for young women in robotics. When we started in 2010, we were among three all-girls teams in NJ among all competition disciplines. Now in 2018, we find ourselves amidst a talented and successful crowd of over 30 young women’s robotics teams in NJ competing in FLL, VEX IQ, WRO, FTC, VRC, RCJ.

Returning to the drawing board with a 6th robot for the VRC NJ State Championships resulted in the Build Award and a moment of redemption. Aside from that, the 5 week run up to the CREATE US Open still gave us ample time to say “Hey…6 wasn’t enough, let’s make a 7th robot!” With a deep breath, we took the 6th robot and unceremoniously lopped off everything from the wheels up to create “Wally”, robot #7. With much of the team embroiled in ACT/SAT prep, the team decision to send only three members turned out to be fortuitous as they were refreshed, effective, and super cool at US Open. The season turned out to be a unexpected testament to effectiveness of unselfish individuals rising to meet the challenge for the overall gain of the team.

We plan to add 1 or 2 team members (9th-12th grades) to the 2018/2019 team. If you are interested, send us a message: e5r AT livingstonrobotics DOT org.

In the meantime, we’ll be resting up and looking forward to the 2018/2019 competition season of learning!

Design Award @ CREATE US Open Championships – Open Category


Build Award @ VRC NJ State Championships

1st Annual Women in Engineering Day @ Liberty Science Center with over 30 women’s robotics team and STEM organizations.

2017 Northern New Jersey FLL Championship Results

Awards Team # Team Name City
Champion’s Award, #1 6544 Green Machine Princeton
Champion’s Award, #2 8421 Princeton Unimators Princeton
Champion’s Award, #3 4295 COLAbots Flanders
Robot Strategy & Innovation, #1 6963 Spongebots Livingston (LRC)
Robot Strategy & Innovation, #2 4618 CyberHawks Westwood
Robot Programming, #1 18528 Mega Bots Ridgewood
Robot Programming, #2 4774 Madison Madison
Robot Mechanical Design, #1 17505 MidKnight Magicians Plainsboro
Robot Mechanical Design, #2 18637 RoboRocks Princeton
Project Presentation, #1 31180 OLO Robotics East Hanover
Project Presentation, #2 24819 Futuristic Engineers Princeton Junction
Project Innovative Solution, #1 15878 Adroits Robotics Livingston (LRC)
Project Innovative Solution, #2 15560 Shockwave Robotics Trenton
Project Research, #1 31773 Hyper Circuits Parsippany
Project Research, #2 23228 MidKnight Masterz Princeton Junction
CV Gracious Professionalism, #1 31957 Fried Circuits Mountain Lakes
CV Gracious Professionalism, #2 11768 Buzz Aldrin Etc Montaclair
CV Teamwork, #1 3411 Thunder South Plainfield
CV Teamwork, #2 33598 PeckBots Morristown
CV Inspiration, #1 16647 Cavallini Cardinals Saddle River
CV Inspiration, #2 30296 Robocraft Parsippany
Robot Performance #1 (262) 15880 Robo Warriors (270 points) Edison
Robot Performance #2 (244) 25320 Promethio (245 points) Livingston (LRC)
Judges Award 26361 Roboclaws Skillman
Judges Award 16610 Nanogurus Morris Plains

Looking back on 2017…

Looking back on Exit 5 Robotics’ 2017 year, it was quite the year, full of challenge, achievement, learning, and competition. New was the common theme for the year with new countries visited, new faces added, and new friends from new teams. 2017 kicked off with January and February competitions capturing Judges Awards and Build Awards at our VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) qualifiers. April saw us come within a few screw threads of a trophy at the CREATE US Open 1v1 competition, sliding in at 3rd place with an axle collar breaking loose in the middle of the match. It was a nice cap to the VRC season to make the US Open finals alliances and also be one of the few teams doing high lift score. In May, we had our annual outreach at the LRC Jr. FLL Expo running our VRC robot to fun filled exhaustion. Early summer was time to have our year end party, seeing off 5 long time seniors into engineering programs at Rutgers, Carnegie Mellon, and MIT, while at the same time bringing on 4 new team members. Jul, Aug, Sep, and Nov had 3 members of the team competing in World Robot Olympiad (WRO) Senior Regular Category at 4 different events, NJ Qualifier, Beijing Robocom Exhibition, US Nationals, and Costa Rica World Championships, respectively. In Oct/Nov, we embraced the Girl Powered Challenge, and helped get an all-girls VEX IQ (VIQ) team started. Closing out 2017, the hard work of the new team members and knowledge of returning veterans helped net the Think Award and Design Award at their Nov and Dec qualifiers for the 2017/2018 VRC season. Looking forward to another great year in 2018!






Livingston Robotics Club Teams Compete in State Championship

(LRC teams, Adroit Robotics, Spongebot, and RoboRocks with NJ FLL officials Ernie DiCicco and Monique Dituri)

On December 9, four LRC teams were among the 60 contestants in the Northern New Jersey FLL (FIRST LEGO League) Championship at Mt. Olive High School. The 4 teams carried the LRC tradition of award-winning performances in judging areas and robot games while making friends and having lots of fun!

Even though the FLL competition season has concluded for LRC teams, they will continue to present their projects and robot designs to local communities; and, most importantly, have fun through LRC gatherings and outreach activities.

The new season for the FLL Jr. is about to start. LRC will hold an Open House in January 2018 for Livingston Public Schools children ages 6-9 who have interest in LEGO robotics and science projects to form FLL Jr. teams. You can visit and like LRC Facebook page at to receive an announcement on the Open House date.

LRC 2017 FLL Team Profiles

For the 2017 FLL season, LRC maintained a strong presence in Northern NJ with 10 teams, 3 of which are rookies. Here are some information and fun facts of some of the teams. Other teams have been included in previous posts on FLL qualifiers and championship.

Livingston Robotics Club Teams Compete in “Hydro Dynamics” Projects

(This is a press release for West Essex Tribune. More posts on LRC FLL teams are coming in the near future.)

The FIRST LEGO League (FLL) robotics competition encourages teams of young budding engineers and scientists to think about and help solve a real world-problem. Teams research projects, build teamwork skills and develop robot performance, design & strategy. This year, 10 teams from Livingston Robotics Club (LRC) are among 32,000 teams from 88 countries to participate in the competition. This year’s theme of “Hydro Dynamics” is about identifying and solving problems of human water cycle from water sourcing, delivery, conservation, to treatment.

LRC Kids Completed Toastmaster Youth Leadership Program

The 8-week Toastmaster Youth Leadership Program concluded with great success on Nov. 9 with group presentations by the kids on their FLL projects. The program was started on Sept. 21 (see earlier post on that) and organized by Yvonne Ferreira, a coach for the LRC FLL team Dino Thunder.

More than a dozen kids from 9 LRC FLL teams learned and practiced public speaking skills with mentors from the BASF Toastmaster Club, including:

  • President Jacqueline Purisima
  • Distinguished Toastmaster Charlie Walter
  • Bill Davenport, Vice President of Education
  • Philip Coniglio, Vice President of Membership
  • James Keenan
  • Kerry Sayther
  • Pauline Jarney, Girl Scout delegate

Expert Panel Presentation by 5 LRC FLL Teams

On Nov. 8, three Hydro Dynamics experts from our area visited the Livingston Robotics Club for an Expert Panel presentation by five LRC FLL teams on their projects.

As in a real FLL competition, each of the 5 teams (Robot Nation, Dino Thunder, Promethio, Spongebot, and RoboRocks) had 10 minutes to present their projects and answer questions from the experts, who provided not only insightful feedback on the projects, but also excellent suggestions for the presentations. It was a great learning and practice experience for all the kids and adults in the teams.

It was a great honor and privilege to have the experts help the team prepare for the upcoming FLL qualifiers. They were (from left to right on the first photo):

  • Nathan Kiracofe, Junior Utility Engineer of the Township of Livingston
  • Jessica Abramovici, Product Manager of BASF Pharma Solutions – North America, and member of the BASF Toastmasters Club
  • Matthew Beeney, Branch Manager of The Kennedy Companies

The title photo shows Team Dino Thunder with the experts, and the following photos show teams Promethio and RoboRocks during their presentations.

Exit 5 Robotics’ Senior Class of 2017

A bit behind on the posts, but these past few months have seen our first class of long time members graduate high school and move on to exciting collegiate frontiers. With some in their 7th year on the all girls robotics team, they competed in everything from FLL (FIRST Lego League), FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge), RoboCup Jr Rescue, Google Lunar XPrize Moonbots, VEX Robotics Competition (VRC), and World Robot Olympiad (WRO), covering over 40 competitions spanning 7 states and two continents. It was difficult to see them leave, but equally fantastic to see them move on to STEM endeavors.  Congratulations (belated!) as you move on to CMU (Carnegie Mellon University)/Comp Sci, CMU/Mech Engineering, Rutgers/Comp Sci, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)/Comp Sci, and Rutgers/Mech Engineering. To infinity and beyond!

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