2021-2022 FLL Explore Expo: Cargo Connect

After two years of virtual Expos due to COVID-19 pandemic, the Expo was finally back in person!

4 LRC member teams were joined by 25 other teams that represent 12 townships in 6 New Jersey counties as well as 3 townships in Pennsylvania to celebrate a challenging yet rewarding season.

The event was primarily sponsored by Livingston Township, Livingston Healthy Community Healthy Youth, and Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center. LRC and the youth robotics community could not thank them enough for their continuous support!

The event was also sponsored by three local STEM businesses:

Demonstrations were performed for several advanced robotics programs, including:

  • FLL Challenge: CyberKittens (LRC member team), Exit 6 Robotics (LRC)
  • FTC: Emerald Knights (Livingston High School)
  • RoboCup: Spongebot (LRC)
  • VEX IQ: Robot Revolution (sponsor)
  • VRC: Millburn Kinetic (Millburn High School)

The 29 teams each won an award that is commensurate with their strengths and efforts:

  • Amazing Robot Design: iSpark Bot (Monroe Township, NJ)
  • Super Sensor: BH Robotic Team – 2022 (Livingston), Rainbow Brights (Livingston)
  • Innovative Programming: Metal Crushers (Ridgewood, NJ)
  • Cool Programming: Cosmic Creators (Millburn, NJ), Robo Munchkins (Edison, NJ)
  • Awesome Machine: NC #1 Brick Slayers (North Caldwell, NJ), The Block Builders (Wayne, PA)
  • Innovative Model: Knights#7799 (Berkeley Heights and New Providence, NJ), Legonauts (Livingston), RoboDogs (Millburn, NJ)
  • Effort and Learning: Masterminds (Radnor, PA), NJ Lego Pros (Long Hill, NJ), Team1 Huaxia 2022 (Livingston)
  • Inquiring Minds: Deerfield-Millburn LEGO Robotics (Millburn, NJ), LegoMasters (Montclair, NJ), The Robricks (Long Hill, NJ)
  • Super Researchers: Blue Bot Builders (Short Hills, NJ), Legobots (Livingston), Sciencetree (Ridgewood, NJ)
  • Excellent Project: Brick Rockers (Edison, NJ), Incredibots (Livingston), Mighty Turtles (Secaucus, NJ), The Striking Millers (Millburn, NJ)
  • Against All Odds: LEGO Champions (Livingston), Legotronic (Livingston)
  • Gracious Professionalism: RoboWizards (Livingston)
  • Explosive Team: Fantastic Flamingos (Warrington, PA), Livingston Strong (Livingston)
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