This page contains payment information for the 2022 LRC FLL Explore Expo.

Before making a payment for the Expo, please make sure you have completed the registration form and our staff gave you a permission to make a payment. Please see the Expo page for details.

For the teams that have been directed to this page by our LRC FLL Explore Expo staff, please use the following button to make a payment.


  • If you make a payment here without obtaining a permission from our staff first, your payment here will not be counted toward the FLL Explore Expo registration fee. It will be considered as a donation to Livingston Robotics Club instead.
  • You will be prompted to choose to pay by your PayPal account (if you have one), or by your credit card without a need to create a PayPal account.
  • This payment is non-refundable under normal circumstances (*). Once paid, you cannot withdraw. No-shows or any other reasons will not receive a refund. Payment is not transferrable to another team.¬†Also, it is not transferable to another Expo.

* If the event is canceled due to new COVID-19 restrictions, your payment will be refunded.

If your team does not have an official FLL Explore team number (because you were not able to register on due to supply shortage), use “0” as your team number below.

Enter your FLL Explore Team number and name that you used in registration (for example “12345 RoboExplorers”):

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