2009-2010 Season (Smart Move)

The Expo

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The LRC Jr.FLL Expo was held on May 29, 2010. The theme for Smart Move season was related to transportation and space travel. Participants had a chance to see the actual driverless SUV from Princeton University that they planned for it to pass the NJ driving test without having a driver. The children also had a live video conference with a NASA JPL engineer who is a designer of the landing systems of the Mars rovers.  They also visit other exhibitions by university student teams and FIRST teams. Please read the highlights and news articles related to the event from this post.

LRC Jr.FLL Expo was also featured in the FIRST Newsletter, the quarterly electronic newsletter distributed to FIRST participants worldwide. Our event was one of 4 Jr.FLL Expos highlighted in the newsletter. You can access the archived newsletter from here (open the PDF file and click on the link Junior FIRST LEGO League (Jr.FLL) features our youngest scientists and engineers in action under FIRST Program Highlights section).

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The Post-Expo Surprise

After the event, the participants created a card and sent it to NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission team. They received the response back from the mission team. See “Livingston, We’ve Had a Message – When Kids Get Involved in a NASA Mission” for the full story on that.

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