LRC FLL Jr. Expo, Livingston, New Jersey

Join us in our annual outdoor FIRST LEGO League Jr. (FLL Jr.) Expo event!

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you would like to have your FLL Jr. team to participate in our Expo, you must register through the email below (not through Sending a request to register through will not reach us!

When: Saturday, May 19, 2018, 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM rain or shine (teams arrive at 10:00 AM; spectators can join at 11:00AM, no registration required for spectators)

Where: Our Expo will be indoor this year. It will be inside Livingston High School (30 Robert H Harp Dr, Livingston, NJ). Park your car at the north parking lot along Wahler Road (near the football field and the Memorial swimming pool). Check our Facebook Page. We will post on our site when we decide to move indoor.

Where:  At the Livingston Oval.
Our big white 100′ x 40′ tent will be located at the intersection of South Livingston Avenue and Civic Center Road.
For Google Map, use “1 Civic Center Road, Livingston, NJ“.
For GPS, you may use “357 South Livingston Avenue, Livingston, NJ” to get you to the nearest intersection.

Parking: The entire area of Livingston Oval (Civic Center Road and Robert H Harp Drive) will be closed to vehicular traffics on that day. Park your car at the rear parking lot of the Livingston Municipal Building (357 South Livingston Avenue) then walk to our tent location, which will be across Livingston Ave. Please use caution when crossing the South Livingston Avenue as it is a busy roadway. Parking is also available at St. Philomena Church.

Extra Activities

Livingston Robotics Club’s FLL Jr. Expo is a unique experience that combines a day of outdoor carnival setting with a fun show ‘n tell to share your FLL Jr. research, and an array of free enrichment activities. There are demonstrations from FIRST LEGO League, FIRST Tech Challenge, and FIRST Robotics Competition robots there to present a full array of FIRST programs.

Our Jr FLL Expo also coincides with the annual Livingston Youth Appreciation Week (YAW) Family Festival Day. Participants of Expo can also enjoy other free town-wide outdoor events for kids of all ages to have fun. Click here for detail YAW schedule.

FLL Jr. Expo Enrichment Activities*

Click here to see our past programs (2010 Smart Move2011 Body Forward2012 Snack Attack, 2013 Super Seniors2014 Disaster Blaster2015 Think Tank2016 Waste Wise, and 2017 Creature Craze) to get an idea of what our Expo is like.

In addition to the exhibitions done by children at a typical FLL Jr. Expo, we add special exhibitions and enrichment activities for participants provide enrichment contents and to inspire our young scientists and engineers. Some years there were also post Expo activities:

  • 2010 Smart Move: Live video conference with NASA’s  Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineer on the Curiosity Mars rover that they were building. Computerized driver-less SUV from Princeton University. the participants created a card and sent it to NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission team (builders of Curiosity Mars rover). They received the response back from the mission team. See this article for the full story on that.
  • 2011 Body Forward: BioBus, a mobile biomedical engineering lab plus field trip to St. Barnabas Medical Center to attend a special hands-on workshop in robotic surgery. They got to try out daVinci Surgery system. See this article for details of the post-expo event.
  • 2012 Snack Attack: a 45-minutes interactive live science demonstrations by Mad Science about chemistry behind food. Stuff the Bus food drive.
  • 2013 Super Seniors: a 45-minutes interactive live science demonstrations by Mad Science related to medicines.
  • 2014 Disaster Blaster: a 45-minutes interactive live science demonstrations by Mad Science through fun activities such as vortex generator and hovercraft riding to demonstrate air pressure; Tesla coil and a piece of paper can catch fire to demonstrate the result of wild fires by lightnings; and a demonstration with chemical volcanic eruption. The participants were invited in the Summer of 2014 to visit the Weston Observatory and iRobot headquarters and make a connection to real-world applications by seeing New England earthquake monitoring station and robots that can help in rescue missions. See this article for details of the post-expo event.
  • 2015 Think Tank: With the theme of places and tools for learning, we set up our 3D Printer Village to show the tools, 3D printers. There were DIY and open source printers built by students. The exhibiting printers including: Kossel Mini, Prusa i3, Ultimaker Original, and TETRIX printer.
  • 2016 Waste Wise: Team A.I.R. made the public debut of the Artificial Intelligence Recycler (A.I.R.) machine ahead of the FLL Global Innovation Award in June held at the headquarters of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Blue Diamond Disposal brought their latest garbage truck with automatic side loader. All FLL Jr. participants got a chance to operate the truck’s robotic arm to lift a trash bin onto the truck.
  • 2017 Creature Craze: Going back to the prehistoric time when there was no interaction between human and animals. DinosaursRock brought a museum to our Expo. They ran an interactive show with many artifacts about dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. At the end of the show, children enjoyed a Fossil Dig activity.
  • 2018 Aqua Adventure: Starting from 2018, we slightly changed the theme of our enrichment activities. We would like to encourage the FLL Jr. teams to continue to be excited beyond the current season. Therefore, we started to introduce the theme of next year’s Challenge at our Expo with fun interactive activities. For 2018 Expo, we will have activities about next year’s Challenge for them to enjoy (hint: the space!)

* Special exhibits and activities (including post-Expo event) are subject to change or cancellation without notice. 

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