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General Information:

  • About LRC, general questions, donations: 
  • About FTC Program: John Yeh, 
  • About FLL Program: Pearl Hwang  
  • About Jr.FLL Program: Surasit Nithikasem
  • About VEX Program: Bill Lam,
  • About WRO programs: Bill Lam,

LRC Officers:

Founders: Pearl Hwang, John Yeh (2007)

Board Members: Pearl Hwang, John Yeh, Surasit Nithikasem, Holly Lam, Alan Karpas and Walter LeVine

President: Surasit Nithikasem
Vice President: Kelly Eagen
Secretary: Alissa Getts
Treasurer: Pearl Hwang / Margie Karpas
Clubhouse Managers: Jay Slavin, Alissa Getts
Communication: Geoffrey Zheng
Photography & Videography: Li (Maggie) Pan


Team Contacts:

For FLL and Jr.FLL teams, please use the emails in the About FLL/Jr.FLL.

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 771, Livingston, NJ 07039

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