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Livingston Robotics Club (LRC) is a robotics community for K-12 based in Livingston, New Jersey, USA. It is a part of the Healthy Community Healthy Youth of Livingston (HCHY), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

LRC was created and is operated on a purely voluntary basis by parents and mentors passionate about our mission, that is to provide a community-based, experience-sharing network to introduce youth in Livingston and vicinity to robotics, STEM, and real-life scientific research. Club membership is open to all children and teams in the neighboring communities.

LRC was founded in August 2007 by team Landroids. Within 10 years, the Club has grown tremendously to scores of robotics teams from a dozen neighbouring townships that accommodate hundreds of K-12 kids participating in several world-wide competitions. LRC teams have won many international, national, and state-level awards, as well as achieving high-finishing results in many competitions. Please see the Awards page for a comprehensive list.

LRC membership is open to any youth robotics teams in northern New Jersey region. Please see the Contact page for details on the excellent values that your membership would bring and how to apply. For a quick glance, you would get:

  • Extensive community support
  • Exclusive Clubhouse use
  • Priority attendance of LRC events
  • 501(c)(3) non-profit status to accept tax-deductible donations
  • Patent consultation and filing
  • Cash reward for qualified accomplishments

We greatly appreciate our sponsors, without whose continuous generosity and support LRC could not have existed and thrived. In particular, our Platinum Supporters are:

  • Saint Barnabas Medical Center: Primary sponsor of FLL Jr. Expo since 2011
  • Eastman Management: Provider of our spacious clubhouse

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donations to LRC and/or sponsor our teams/events, please contact us at info@LivingstonRobotics.org.


  • President: Surasit Nithikasem
  • Board Members: Alan Karpas, Bill Lam, Holly Lam, John Yeh, Pearl Hwang, Surasit Nithikasem, Walter LeVine
  • Vice President and Communications: Geoffrey Zheng
  • Secretary and Clubhouse Manager: Alissa Getts
  • Treasurer: Pearl Hwang
  • Media: Maggie Pan
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