2022 and Beyond!

As we close out this first month of 2022, it’s hard to believe that we’re starting our 3rd calendar year of COVID uncertainty, or 4th if you count the end of 2019. Ultimately, these times have proven that people find a way to prevail. From our vantage point, the volunteer robotics community is an amped up group that reflects exactly this spirit of perseverance. At times, the challenges seem bleak, overwhelming, and unforgiving. Our great hope is that through this all, the young minds involved in competitive robotics during this time will be even more inspired to discover, invent, and create solutions make this world a better place than it has been these past three years. In that spirit, we wanted to highlight the success stories of the LRC teams and individuals during this time.

And once again, we wanted to state how especially inspiring it was to see the dozens of parents stepping it up in fall of 2021 to coach & lead fourteen rookie FLL teams with about 100 students!!

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