Learn About FLL via AMA with Exit 5A Robotics Oct 14th 4:00pm – 530pm

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All-Girls Exit 5A Robotics AMA (Ask Me Anything) about FLL FIRST Lego League.

With 31 years of collective FLL seasons and 21 robotics competition events, the all-girls STEM’ers of Exit 5A Robotics are hosting a Team AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Oct 14th 430pm to 530pm at Livingston Robotics Club (290 W. Mount Pleasant Ave, Livingston, NJ). We’ll also be livestreaming https://youtu.be/oLgBS7mWSfE and you can submit questions via chat. We’ll have a bunch of our FLL and WRO robots on display as well. Bring your robots if you have robot specific questions.

The call is out for parents, students, coaches to bring their burning FLL questions and unanswered mysteries of competitive robotics to the student members of Exit 5A Robotics. We don’t propose to know everything. We may not always have the right answers. We don’t always win and have at times been outright crushed at competitions. But we can definitely share the unique and rarely heard perspective of young roboticists.

Consider that the vast majority of information about FLL and competitive robotics is spoken, written, disseminated, and posted by adults who are coaches, mentors, or organizing competition committees. This event offers parents, coaches, and students the opportunity to ask questions and hear unvarnished answers from the E5A team, including current and former team members. The event will be lightly moderated by an adult mentor. In essence, ask anything but abide by FLL Core Values.

For those that cannot make it in person, we are also planning to stream the event online and field questions online. https://youtu.be/oLgBS7mWSfE

4:00-4:30 pot luck – light snacks & refreshments
4:30-5:30 AMA session (livestream starts 430pm)

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