Juniper Networks, Emerald Knights, RoboRocks, Robonators, Exit 5 Robotics, Pitch in at NJ World Robot Olympiad (WRO) Qualifier

The 2nd annual NJ World Robot Olympiad (WRO) Qualifier at the Liberty Science Center blasted by us this past Saturday Aug 4th 2018 and it was all made possible with a healthy dose of 31 volunteers from all walks of STEM and robotics. Juniper Networks sponsored the event and Liberty Science Center graciously provided the venue. Thanks to volunteer staff including:

  • Emerald Knights FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge): Preston Wu – Design Award Judge, Anna Xia – Score Keeper, Angelina Chu – Interviews, David Samolkin – Video
  • RoboRocks: Shining Wang – Sideline Ambassador, Jim Wang – Elementary Category Referee, Geoffrey Zheng – Photography
  • Exit 5 Robotics VRC (VEX Robotics Challenge): Chloe Lam – Junior Category Referee, Tina Wu – Football (Soccer) Referee, Catherine Zhang – Elementary Category Referee, Erin Eagen – Emcee, Holly Lam – Event Organizer, Rachael Prokap – Sideline Ambassador
  • Spongebots FLL (FIRST Lego League): Kelly Eagen – Emcee
  • Robonators VRC:¬†Punit Mahajan – Sideline Manager,¬† Sharan Peshin – Sideline Ambassador, Eshaan Mahajan – DJ
  • Exit 6 Brobotics: Ryan Lam – Sideline Ambassador, Bill Lam – Event Organizer
  • FTC Referees: Kathy Rutherford – Senior Category Referee, Yitao Yu – WeDo Referee
  • and thanks to Juniper Networks for supplying volunteers, Teamwork Awards, visitor gifts, and a photo booth!

Now the fastest growing robotics competition in NJ, nearly doubling in size from 11 teams in 2017 to 19 teams in 2018. WRO offers competition categories for elementary, junior high, and high school students. Competition categories include a selection of intensive programming and robotics building challenges for students from elementary to high school grades.

Thanks again to all the volunteers who made it possible for 19 teams to compete at this event. For more information on competing in 2019, contact BLam @ wro-usa DOT org.

LRC teams WINJAS and Exit 5A Robotics will be advancing to the WRO US Nationals.

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