LRC 2017 FLL Team Profiles

For the 2017 FLL season, LRC maintained a strong presence in Northern NJ with 10 teams, 3 of which are rookies. Here are some information and fun facts of some of the teams. Other teams have been included in previous posts on FLL qualifiers and championship.

Adroit Robotics is a team of four middle school students. This year the team won the Core Values Award and also qualified to the next round. For the project the team has developed a process with a prototype – they have named the filtering process as “AquiPlenish”. The problem the team is trying to solve is: (1) Reduce the water going to water sewer from homes by 40%, (2) Filtering of Grey Water through “AquiPlenish” that comes from Bath shower, bathroom  and Washing Machines, and (3) Release the water in the backyard or use it for garden use which in turn helps replenish.

Rookie team Dino Thunder has 2 members, one is a 4th grader and one is a 6th grader.  We attended Liberty Science Center qualifier event on Dec. 2nd. Robot game score 115. For the project, the team designed a smart shower head which will help reduce shower water consumption. A user can preset shower duration via a mobile app. The smart home hub receives the data from the mobile app and communicates with the shower head. The shower head use LED light and sound alert user and then reduce water flow when the allotted time is up.

Team Exit 5A Robotics’s project involves a low cost method for desalinating water to provide fresh drinking water for communities across the country. They researched various methods currently in use for desalinization and are looking for partners in the industry to test trial their idea.

Team Power Star Robot developed a robotic solution for sewage and water treatment in three perspectives:

  1. Reduce the human access to the production site (it was stink).
  2. De-risk for corrosive material handling such as acid base and oxidant.
  3. In-line clean up device.

Team Robot Nation attended the Bridgewater qualifier and came home with the Robot design and strategy award! The kids were thrilled!

Team V-bots researched arsenic contamination in our water. Our team designed a new water fountain for school which utilizes playground equipments to activate robot to detect Arsenic in School water system and also automatically filter out Arsenic if concentration is above the safety limit.  This solution will help promote awareness of Arsenic in water to all School communities, and get students involved as part of solution to help make sure we all can drink clean water at school.

Rookie team Venumbots’ project is about using household water supply more effectively. They proposed an innovative Micro-Hydrodynamic Power Home System that converts the potential energy in tap water into electrical energy, which could supply 20 LED lights for at least eight hours. Just attach a Micro Hydrodynamic Generator to your shower head, toilet flush, or in-house water pipe, and benefit from the free electricity!

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