Livingston Water Facility Tours for LRC FLL teams

Thanks to Livingston Water Department, LRC FLL teams Promethio and RoboRocks got a flush-start of the 2017 FLL Hydro Dynamics season on September, 13 with an inside (literally!) look at several of Livingston Township’s water facilities, including a well, barrack, and tanks.

Jr. Utility Engineer Nathan Kiracofe and assistant Jessica showed the kids how water goes from wells to houses through an intricate system of pumps and pipes.

One of the many fun things that they learned is that if you knock down a fire hydrant in Livingston (don’t do it!), you won’t get a spectacular fountain as seen on TV.

The teams also toured the sewer treatment plant on day before, guided by the superintendent of the sewer utility, Joe Greco.

More water and sewer tours are scheduled in the coming weeks for other LRC teams.

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