FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship 2013

In its 3rd year at the FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship in St. Louis this April 2013, team Landroids #4220 received unprecedented 5 out of 6 major award nominations, plus took home the Edison Division Finalist Alliance Captain Award and the 1st place PTC Design Challenge Award.

Continued to be a well rounded team and the winner of 2012 FTC Inspire Award Hall of Fame team, Landroids received award nomination for first runner up Inspire Award, Think Award, Rockwell Collins Innovate Award, PTC Design Award and Connect Award.

Out of 128 teams from 16 countries, Landroids maintained a high performing robot, which ranked in top 4 out of 64 teams in one of the two divisions, and advanced into final elimination round as the Finalist Alliance Captain with two other selected alliance teams, CHS Cougars #4102 from Maplewood, NJ and Da Peeps #3485 from Flint, MI.

This marked the 6th successful season for team Landroids as the oldest Livingston Robotics Club team.


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