Robotic Ninjas Has Fun With Research

This is our first Junior First Lego League project.  We learned that our challenge was to make a model and do research on a change that has happened from our grandparents time till now.  We bugged our grandparents with a lot of questions and came up with lots of research ideas. We also had a huge box of Legos and at first didn’t really know what to do so we kept playing and built different machines. We’re building our model to show a supermarket from the past and one from now.  We have so many ideas, it’s hard to fit everything into the model.  We think we may make the model in two levels!  Is that allowed even????

Our Super Seniors  project is about how supermarkets and the technology they use have changed since our grandparents time!

We had some fun with our research when we got a tour of our local Shoprite.  We scanned the UPC codes on food items and the price of the item popped up on the computer screen.  It was so much fun!  We learned so much about how technology works in supermarkets and can’t wait to share the info. in our Show Me Poster.

Her are some pictures of our tour………….
photo 2 photo

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