Protocol 9 – Our Mighty Crew and Activities

Our mighty crew: Karl, Ben, Isaac, Terrence, Gabriel, Howard


Our first task as a team was to build the FLL mission field, which was completed in less than 2 hours as a result of great team work!

2012 FLL Senior Solutions Field Set by Protocol 9



Team Regular Activities

Coach Jessica Assigning Programming Task


Every Saturday is our building and programming meeting. Although the  boys are from a wide range of grades, their NXT-g programming skills, however, are not aligned to their school grades. Some younger members actually have more “seniority” in programming, and they are great contributors to the team.






Every Wednesday night is our research meeting. These crazy boys always have amazing ideas, but sometimes tough questions do get them.







Protocol 9 Team on Robo Fest – October 14th

Robo Fest 1

Excited team w coach (missing Ben…)


Our team demonstrated their robots doing senior solution missions on the 2012 Robo Rest in Clifton, NJ. All of them were excited to watch and play robots of on other booths, as well as showing their robots doin senior solution missions.





Robo Fest 2

Proudly showing our robots to visitors


This little boy was attached by the robots and wanted to operate them! yes, boys were born to love robots, just like all our team members.






Robo Fest 3

Isaac’s robot running to its mission!


We demonstrated multiple missions from 2012 our senior solution fields such as weight lifting (gym), spinning the wheel, and moving chair, etc; when the robots were not working on missions, they were set to dancing!






Our Senior Partner – Mr. Frankstein

Interview 1

Interviewing with Mr. Frankstein


The boys interviewed our senior partner, Mr. Frankstein, Ben’s grandpa, who kindly joined our team meeting on Wednesday night at October 17th. Boys actively asked many questions, Terrence always thought that forget names is the first issue all seniors would have so he asked Mr. Frankstein if he starts to forget names, and Mr. Frankstein said “I did not remember names when I was young anyway.”




Interview 1

Team and Mr. Frankstein had a happy time together

Our boys showed their robots to the old gentleman, even put together a quick prototype! team has now narrowed down our specific research project target! once the boys do come up with their innovative solution, we will let Mr. Frankstein to be the first one to assess it.









2012 FLL Practice Day, Nov 11 at Metuchen, NJ

Practice Day

Our outstanding team T!


This is the first time we have our team T shirts on at a public event; we are now a well trained team!









How can our robot get the max possible points?


Last minute discussion.









Demo the 10 senior solutions movie


Our youngest crew member created a movie on 10 senior solutions!









Round 2 of Practice Day


During the intensive pre-contest, our robot behaved just as expected with no big surprises…









Coach Jessica’s Recommendations

1. Wining Design: Lego Mindstorms NXT Design Patterns for Fun and Competition, by James Jeffery Trobaugh, available to purchase from for $16.45

2. NXT-g programming reference from FLL website:

3. FLL Robot build basics:

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