Exit 5 ‘ers Welcome the New FLL Teams Transitioning from Jr. FLL

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Exit 5 Robotics shared a tent bursting at the seams with Jr. FLL teams at the LRC Jr. FLL Expo .  With growth genes kicking in, many of teams were eagerly planning their morphing process into FLL Senior Solutions teams for this 2012 season.  The girls of Exit 5 happily answered questions for their future coopertition partners.  Supreme Machine also had their impressive FLL robot on display.  With the Snack Attack Jr. FLL theme & FLL Food Factor themes as a backdrop for the FLL field, robots were run, yummy groceries were delivered, nasty bacteria were shot, sinkbound viruses were launched, refrigerated trailers were delivered, fresh corn was harvested, produce trucks were hooked, cook timers were set, and edible fish were caught.  With FTC and FRC robots also on hand, the future FLL’ers and upcoming FLL coaches had plenty of robotic challenges to look forward to.


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