The Folks at CareOne Spend Time with Exit 5 Robotics on May 22

The team visited CareOne on May 22 and the seniors were kind enough to spend an hour and a half sharing their experiences with the team.  The girls came away with an appreciation for the challenges and accomplishments of senior living.  Some comments from the team:
  • Things are different for seniors. It was fun to be with them, and it helps to have things changed specially for them.
  • I noticed that they had handles to grab in many places.  Also they had rugs that were connected to the ground so they wouldn’t trip over the side.   Also something I observed that could be improved was the size of their utensils.  I saw at the dining area that the utensils laid out were similar to ours, I think that the seniors could get bigger utensils to make it easier to hold.
  • At CareOne I had a great time playing Uno and eating sugar cookies but there was something more important I paid attention to.   As we talked to them or played with them, I noticed that they took it as something really special.   This really surprised me.  At first I thought “why would they want to see us if we’re no one special to them, since we’re not family.”  But I had a great time, and it was a great way to spend my afternoon that day.  While there I also noticed that they had trouble transporting themselves from one place to another, as if they have a broken arm.  If we could design an easy way to hand power a wheelchair that only needed only one hand to control, it could help them be more independent.
  • It was cool to see how they changed things like a bingo chip (larger size) so it could be easier for senior citizens to grasp.  Something that I observed is that their fingers aren’t as flexible as when they were kids.
  • I really enjoyed going there and meeting the seniors. They were a load of fun. It was fun explaining robotics to them.
  • I had fun interacting with the residents at Care 1 . I think they liked it too. (I liked the cookies.)

Finally, the team also brought a robot to demonstrate, a robot to patrol a line on a tabletop.  Upon seeing, this one person in the audience who was quiet throughout, suddenly commented rather excitedly “OH that’s COOL!”.

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