Exit 5 Robotics’ Visit to Washington Middle School Science Club

Future roboticists are everywhere!  On 1/24/12, Livingston Robotics Club FLL team, Exit 5 Robotics, visited the Science Club at Washington Middle School, in Harrison, NJ.  With nearly 20 students in the club, they hope to start a team or two or three or four, for FLL or Robocup Jr in the upcoming months.  There were a lot of questions and a lot of interest in the FLL competition.  Exit 5ers demonstrated their robot completing FLL Food Factor missions and discussed the work & fun that goes into the competition prep.

The Washington Science Club in turn showed some of the work they had done in previous years at Stevens Institute of Technology with NXT powered submersibles (very impressive!).  We got an in-depth look (laugh here) at the robots that had been setup to go for a swim with Nemo.  The 90 minutes visit swam by quickly.  We very much look forward to seeing the boys and girls of Washington Middle School at upcoming events.

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