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Technomes consists of four Livingston school kids and two West Orange school kids. This is the rookie year for Technomes. But they are striving to do their best, learning technology, doing research, and most importantly, having fun!

Liberty Science Center Cafe Tour, 10/19/11

Most of us have visited Liberty Science Center before, but on 10/19/11, the Livingston Robotics Club FLL and Jr. FLL teams got a behind-the-scene tour of the Skyline Cafe food service operation. From loading dock to plate, the Director of LSC’s Restaurant Associates, Tom Lambert, took the members from 7 LRC FLL and Jr. FLL teams for […]

Walking Down the Aisles at Shoprite

Kids with note pads and pens in hands were walking down the Livingston Shoprite aisles on a weeknight.  It is  not for a school project, but rather, they are the Livingston Robotics Club (LRC) robotics teams conducting project research as part of the on-going global FIRST LEGO League challenge. The 2011 FLL “Food Factor” challenge […]

Landroids at X PRIZE Exploration Prize Group Event 10/6/11

X PRIZE Foundation and Shell announced a join partnership in the new X PRIZE Exploration Prize Group challenge to promote exploration of space, oceans and land. Team Landroids was invited to exhibit our 2010 Moonbots winning robot and our FTC robot at this exclusive press event on 10/6/11 held at the NYC Explorers Club, as the young […]

NJ FIRST LEGO League Team Directory 2011-12

Once again, team Landroids has compiled our annual unofficial New Jersey FIRST LEGO League Team Directory for the 201-12 “Food Factor” season.  This is our team’s 4th year in putting together a team directory list for the NJ FLL community.  A total of 163 NJ teams has registered this season as of the closed of US […]

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