NJ FLL Qualifier Event Registration Opens on 10/1/11

The NJ FLL qualifying event registration is now opened from 10/1/11 (or midnight 9/30/11) to 10/14/10.  There are a couple event locations to choose from, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Ready or not, each FLL team should attend one qualifying event.

First thing to do is to make sure that your team profile is complete in every field, or else, your application for an event will not be processed.  Please check you team profile before you begin the application process.

To register for a qualifying event, go to https://gofll.usfirst.org/ to login to your team page.  This is a 2-parts, multi-steps process, so please follow the 9/29/11  NJ FLL Partner email instruction carefully.

Part 1.  Apply to Event Group

Click on “Events” on the blue bar near the top of the screen.

Select “New Jersey” as the search region.

Click on “New Jersey FLL Event Group” as the event group you would like to apply for.

You will see 6 total events listed in addition to the NJ State FLL Championship (which you can’t apply for until your team has won the qualifying event).

  • Bergen/Montvale (24 teams), 11/19/11 – full as of 10/5/11
  • Hillsborough (24 teams), 11/19/11
  • Montclair/Clifton (24 teams), 11/19/11- full as of 10/5/11
  • Steinert/Trenton (24 teams), 11/19/11
  • Lafayette (24 teams), 12/3/11 – full as of 10/3/11
  • Liberty Science Center (12 teams), 12/3/11 – full as of 10/3/11

Do NOT click on the individual qualifying event “Info” to apply.

Instead, click on the green “Apply Now” button on the top.

If you have multiple teams, select the team name from the dropdown menu that you want to apply for that event, and click “Apply This Team“.

Select your top 3 choices for qualifiers in the 3 dropdown menus at the bottom of the screen. Each choice should be different in the order of your first, second and third choice.

Click “Proceed” and you will see:

A.   A message that your application has been submitted; or

B.   A message telling you that there is information missing from your team profile. You must go to your profile and complete the necessary information and come back to the application process.

Now if you click on the “Event” blue tab on the top, you will see the “Pending” or “Approved”, and list your Event Group and team #.

Logout when done.

Part 2. Register for the Event

Once you have completed the application process, you will receive a confirming email from FLL Team Registration that your team has been assigned to a particular event, and another email to notify you that the event coordinator will be reviewing your application and will be in contact.

You then receive emails from the tournament organizer updating you on your status when the organizer reviews your application and assigns your team to an event.

Log back into the team page to confirm your event selection to be added to the event roster. These steps include:

Register for the Event – Click on the embedded link in the email to complete your application for that event.

On the “Register for [Event Name]” screen, select your team and click “Next Step.”

If there are Event Specific Questions, please answer the questions.

Click “Apply” button to apply for the event.

If you have successfully applied to the event, you will receive a message on the screen: “Team successfully registered. You will be notified when the event coordinator accepts your application.”

Application Review – Application to the event does not guarantee acceptance into the event. The FLL Operational Partner or Event Coordinator will review your application and either approve or deny your team into the event. The team will be notified via email of the Event Coordinator’s decision. If you have any questions about the decision, please contact the Event Contact.

Part 3. Checking Status & Follow Up

The status of your team’s application for the event will display on the “Teams” tab, when you click on the individual team. It will also display when you click on the “Events” tab.

After the event registration is closed (Oct. 14,2011), the individual event organizer will contact you with more information and where to pay the $50 registration fee.

Ok, if you thought being a FLL Coach is hard, part of the “test” is to figure out this event registration system.  Good luck!


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