Livingston Shoprite Food Safety Tour II, 10/13/11

Location: Livingston Shoprite, Livingston, NJ.  Meet at the Bistro area.

Meet the Expert: Shoprite’s Retail Dietitian, Christine Patorniti, RD & Heather Marino, MS RD
Space is limited to 12 kids, first come, first serve.

The LRC teams will be given a store tour and an information session on:

  • General food safety guidelines for canning/boxing/milling/shipping/storage
  • Types of food bourne illnesses develop from the different foods
  • How to prevent the food bourn illnesses, common foods they are in
  • Information on the most common food borne illnesses (which are resistant to high heat/low heat/acidity, what they cause in the body, their onset times).

Attending teams:

Power Legend: 3 kids 2 coaches, 1 parent
Technomes: 6 kids, 2 coaches, 1 parent


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