Landroids Completed Moonbots Phase 2 Challenge

Team Landroids has successfully completed the Google X PRIZE sponsored Moonbots Challenge on 8/24/10 with a live robot mission webcast and a cool Lunar Landroids website!


As one of the 20 international finalist teams selected for the Moonbots Phase 2 competition, Landroids has to design a website to document their engineering ideas and blog weekly on their progress for the last 3-1/2 months.  The competition submittal also included a video essay on lunar exploration, a team documentary video, a robot proposal in LEGO Digital Designer, plus of course, a robot that can complete simulated lunar missions.    If you thought that the FIRST LEGO League was difficult, try to design an autonomous robot to complete all of the missions in one program (either in NXT-G or LabView) within 3 minutes, without returning to base in between, have no lines to follow, then broadcast the robot run live to the judges with a live webcast for scoring.  It has been an exciting competition which took up all of the team’s free time this summer, but the amount of knowledge learned was well worth the hard work.

Moonbots is the last competition which Landroids will participate as a FLL team.  This September, Landroids will regroup and compete as FTC team #4220.

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