FLL “Body Forward” Updates

Get ready to check in around noon time on September 3, 2010 for the announcement of the 2010-11 “Body Forward” FLL Season.

–> Videos of Biomedical Engineering Topic Experts Posted

As your team begins preparing for the release of the Body Forward Challenge, be sure to watch the Topic Experts from the 2010 Challenge Advisory Team sharing their thoughts about the relevance of biomedical engineering on the FLL YouTube Channel (http://youtube.com/fllglobal). You can also respond to FLL’s callout and post YOUR videos of how you’re preparing for the Challenge.–> Order your Field Setup Kit!

Another important step of getting ready for the release of the Body Forward Challenge is ordering your team’s Field Setup Kit ($65 US), if you haven’t already. Unlike the Robot Set, Field Setup Kits are specific to each Challenge and will begin to ship on or around August 1st. https://gofll.usfirst.org

–> Help name the 2011 Challenge!

While you’re gearing up for the 2010 Challenge, the 2011 Challenge, which is based on the topic of food & water safety, is being developed. Does your team have any great ideas for the name? Send them to Courtney Hoppe at FLL via choppe@usfirst.org or reply to @firstlegoleague on Twitter (http://twitter.com/firstlegoleague). And keep checking back to Twitter to read about the development of 2011 Challenge as it happens, including what name we select!

Also check out:

Global Web Portal: http://firstlegoleague.org –> go here for the release of the Body Forward Challenge on September 3rd!

FLL US/Canada Website: http://usfirst.org/fll

Twitter (@firstlegoleague): http://twitter.com/firstlegoleague

YouTube Channel (FLLGlobal): http://youtube.com/fllglobal

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