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FLL Website Resources

FIRST LEGO League teams, counting down to the September 3, 2010 noon time “Body Forward” challenge announcement now! Here is a couple new FLL resources you might be interested in. Go to the updated website for FLL training information on Starting a Team, resources such as the Coach’s Manual, Senior Mentor telephone recordings, how to build a foam FLL […]

LRC in New Jersey FIRST Blog

Check out this article from New Jersey FIRST regarding the new Livingston Robotics Club website.

New Technophile Shirts!

From our website: Hey Technophiles, It’s about time that I got my video up. It was supposed to be up last week, but… anyway, here’s a video of our t-shirts and our media studio tour. [youtube][/youtube] Now I must give you an update for our shirts. We got Gayle’s shirt in the mail yesterday. […]

Landroids Completed Moonbots Phase 2 Challenge

Team Landroids has successfully completed the Google X PRIZE sponsored Moonbots Challenge on 8/24/10 with a live robot mission webcast and a cool Lunar Landroids website! [youtube][/youtube]

r2d2- Body Forward Field Photo

Visit our website for more of r2d2’s photos throughout the season.

2009 NJ FLL State Championship Video

A little reminder of last year’s FLL competition to get you in the mood. [youtube][/youtube]

FLL “Body Forward” Announcement

Check in to see the 2010 FLL “Body Forward” Announcement on September 3, 2010, noon. Global Web Portal: –> go here for the release of the Body Forward Challenge on September 3rd! FLL US/Canada Website: Twitter (@firstlegoleague): YouTube Channel (FLLGlobal):

2010 Jr. FLL Registration Opened

Registration for the 2010 Body Forward Season of Jr.FLL opened on Monday, August 2nd at 12 noon EST. Log in to here to register your team.  Please be aware that Jr.FLL team numbers do not roll over from season to season, so coaches will need to register new teams if returning in 2010. For the first […]

FLL “Body Forward” Updates

Get ready to check in around noon time on September 3, 2010 for the announcement of the 2010-11 “Body Forward” FLL Season. –> Videos of Biomedical Engineering Topic Experts Posted As your team begins preparing for the release of the Body Forward Challenge, be sure to watch the Topic Experts from the 2010 Challenge Advisory Team […]

r2d2- Field Kit Setup Play Date

On August 5, r2d2 had a field kit setup play date.  We got together to build our robot mission field to get ready for the Body Forward season.

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