Exit 6 Robotics – Innovative Robot Design Award at the FLL Challenge Virtual Open Invitational

After an unusually long FIRST Lego League (FLL) Challenge season spanning 12 months, the Exit 6 Robotics (#2228) team concluded their competition season at the June 12-19, 2021 Virtual Open Invitational (VOI), sponsored by Amazon. In awarding the team the Innovative Robot Design Award, judges cited their novel omniwheel drivetrain that enabled forward and sideways motion. As best they could find, omniwheels had never been previously been implemented in FLL competitions. The team quickly learned why this was the case when they encountered dozens of problems with omniwheel drives.

With FIRST canceling all Open and World Festival events, VOI remained as the only competition venue for top teams from around the world. Ultimately, the best performing teams from 25 countries and 35 states were given invitations to participate. On the basis of their recent North NJ results (Champions Award 2019/2020, Engineering Excellence Award 2020/2021) Exit 6 Robotics was selected as one of three North New Jersey teams offered a spot at VOI.

For the 2021/2022 season, the team has not yet decided whether to compete in FTC, VRC, RCJ, or WRO. The team is also looking for new team members 9th, 10th, or 11th graders to join for the upcoming season. No prior robotics experience required. Candidates can be from any towns nearby Livingston. The only other requirements are a healthy tolerance for failure, a healthy appetite for learning, and a healthy heaping of enthusiasm. Please contact exit6robotics AT gmail.com.

2020-21 North New Jersey FLL Championship Results

Congratulations to all teams participating in this season’s FLL Challenge!

(LRC member teams are shown in bold.)

Award Team Number Team Name Organization Location
Champion’s Award 32581 Flame Machines Family/Community Livingston
Core Values 1st Place 9643 Lego Lords ICS Immaculate Conception School Annandale
Core Values 2nd Place 16131 Robo Technicians Family/Community Ringoes
Innovation Project 1st Place 26362 Montgomery Thundercats Montgomery Upper Middle School Skillman
Innovation Project 2nd Place 51374 BotSmith Family/Community Skillman
Robot Design 1st Place 38213 Orion Family/Community Robbinsville
Robot Design 2nd Place 50904 Lego Dragons Family/Community Edison
Engineering Excellence Award 2228 Exit 6 Robotics Family/Community Livingston
Motivate Award 34957 Robo Rockets Family/Community Montville
Judges’ Award 40458 BOT SQUAD Family/Community Closter
Breakthrough Award 50987 RoboRockets Family/Community Lebanon
Rising All-Star Award 51767 Area14 Robotics Family/Community Bridgewater
Robot Performance 1st Place (520) 25231 Robo Raptors Family/Community Fair Lawn
Robot Performance 2nd Place (485) 38279 TechTitans Applegarth Elementary School Monroe
Coach/Mentor Award Sumit Singh (50904 – Lego Dragons)

Besides the traditional awards (Champion’s, Core Values, Innovation Project, Robot Design, Robot Performance, Judges’, and Coach/Mentor), FIRST introduced several standard awards this season:

  • Engineering Excellence Award: This award celebrates a team with an efficiently designed robot, an innovative project solution that effectively addresses the season challenge and great Core Values evident in all they do.
  • Motivate Award: This award celebrates a team that embraces the culture of FIRST LEGO League through team building, team spirit and displayed enthusiasm.
  • Breakthrough Award: This award celebrates a team that made significant progress in their confidence and capability in both the Robot Game and Innovation Project and are a shining example of excellent Core Values. They demonstrate that they understand that what they discover is more important than what they win.
  • Rising All-Star Award: This award celebrates a team that the judges notice and expect great things from in the future.

2020 North New Jersey FLL Qualifier Results

(Advancing teams, LRC member)

Award Bergen Brickfest Boro-Blast Clifton (MSE) Mt. Olive Warren Hills
Champion’s 45689 – Rocketeers 38279 – TechTitans 25231 – Robo Raptors 32581- Flame Machines
51374 – Team BotSmith
Core Values: 1st Place 30745 – MindsOfSteel 37556 – Robo Kings 50943 – STEAMRollers 26362 – Montgomery Thundercats 38684 – Team Technopath
Core Values: 2nd Place 40458 – BOT SQUAD 26491 – Edgar Team B 37531 – Coding Cougars
Core Values: 3rd Place 45355 – Junior Ironmen Iota
Project: 1st Place 18637 – RoboRocks 2228 – Exit 6 Robotics 34957 – Robo Rockets 26361 – Roboclaws 38213 – Orion
Project: 2nd Place 50926 – Shock Wave 16131 – Robo Technicians 37890 – Atomic
Project: 3rd Place 51136 – Lego Lordz
Robot Design: 1st Place 31328 – Junior Ironmen Delta 44211 – DotBots 48935 – Kreative CRACKERS 50711 – Menlo Sparks 23592 – The ModKnight Dragons
Robot Design: 2nd Place 24628 – Junior Ironmen Alpha 9643 – Lego Lords ICS 50987 – RoboRockets
Robot Design: 3rd Place 50833 – Revolutionary Robotixx
Breakthrough 51389 – Supernova 50904 – Lego Dragons 39130 – The B Team
Motivate 37497 – Robo Crusaders 45493 – Fire Ants
Engineering Excellence 44861 – Team Bolt 51767 – Area14 Robotics
Rising Star 50554 – Super5 51390 – The Spikers 42091 – Team Alpha
Robot Performance: 1st Place 45689 – Rocketeers 16131 – Robo Technicians 25231 – Robot Raptors 32581 – Flame Machines 38213 – Orion
Robot Performance: 2nd Place 40458 – BOT SQUAD 38279 – TechTitans 48935 – Kreative CRACKERS
Robot Performance: 3rd Place 18637 – RoboRocks
(Advancing) 45051 – Robogirls

VEX World Championships – Request for Online Volunteer Judges

If you have some experience with robotics, here’s a great opportunity to volunteer and help with remote judging at the VEX World Championships (VRC & VIQ) this year. Details from the VRC website:

Judges are critical to the scholastic sport of competitive robotics, and we realize the commitment it takes to volunteer as a judge. This year, it will take more dedicated volunteers than ever to make our judging program a success as we have expanded the number of divisions and programs for students.

Please consider volunteering as a remote judge in April and/or May (see below dates) for the Remote VEX Robotics World Championship.

Judging will be conducted online in 3-hour shifts. Judges may volunteer for as many shifts as they are able on the following dates:

We cannot serve our VEX Worlds community of participants without your support. We hope you will join us as a remote judge this year and encourage others within your program to do so as well. Help us spread the word to others with this printable invite, or simply hit the Forward to a Friend button below.


If you have any questions, please email volunteer@roboticseducation.org. We look forward to seeing you (remotely) at VEX Worlds 2021!

11th Annual LRC FLL Jr Expo: A Virtual Celebration

This time last year, the 10th anniversary of the LRC FIRST LEGO League Junior Expo attracted 50 teams from northern Jersey (https://www.facebook.com/LivingstonRobotics/posts/1077684072427338). That sure was a tough record to beat!
Earlier this year, we started to plan for this year’s Expo with the same fun fair. The highlight would be a “Building Newark” activity to let all teams collaboratively build New Jersey’s largest city on a gigantic map out of 70,000 LEGO bricks.
When the pandemic swept across the entire world, we were certain that the Expo would not happen at all. Boy were we wrong! The Expo host, LRC FLL team Flame Machines, started to plan a virtual Expo while busy collaborating with other kids and adults in the LRC community to redesign face shields for frontline workers (#LivingstonShield https://www.livingstonrobotics.org/livingston-shield/). In the end, 18 teams submitted video presentations and participated in the virtual Expo and award ceremony on the exact day on which the Expo was scheduled.
Read more at our 2020 Expo page.

Our face shield making is in full steam!

Check out our projects related to COVID-19 at our COVID-19 Projects page. You can watch a live stream there. As of April 11, more than 300 face shields have been delivered to the frontline. More to be delivered daily.

LRC Teams Learn Real-World Engineering at Esco Optics

Recently, our teams visited Esco Optics to learn about manufacturing process. Read Esco Optics blog at: https://escooptics.com/blogs/news/domo-arigato-livingston-robotics-club 

LRC Teams with Openings for New Members!

Postings for open spots on LRC teams.

  • Exit 5 Robotics & Exit 5A Robotics – All girls team with opening for specific experience in the DIY space, i.e. circuit level work, Arduino, RPI, microcontrollers, CAD, fabrication, welding, etc. Contact exit5robotics GMAIL com for more information.
  • Exit 5 Robotics & Exit 5A Robotics – All girls team with opening for specific experience in CNN, GAN, and ML. Contact exit5robotics GMAIL com for more information.
  • Exit 5 Robotics & Exit 5A Robotics – All girls team with opening for strong background with VRC. Contact exit5robotics GMAIL com for more information.
  • LRC team with opening for looking for experience in DIY space, i.e. circuit level work, Arduino, RPI, microcontrollers, CAD, fabrication. Contact BLam60 GMAIL com for more information.


2020 Calendar of Events in NJ/NY Region

Happy Holidays everybody! As you plan your 2020 year, here’s a list of notable events in the NJ/NY region including competitions and exhibitions. Because of the volume of events for VIQ, VRC, FTC, we intentionally left these out, but you can easily find them on their respective websites.

updated Dec 28, 2019

2019 North New Jersey FLL Championship Results

Congratulations to all teams participating this year in FLL!

Award Team # Team Name Organization City
1st Place Champions* 2228 Exit 6 Robotics Livingston Robotics Club Livingston
2nd Place Champions* 25231 Robo Raptors Family/Community Fair Lawn
3rd Place Champions** 16831 IDK Pond Road Middle School Trenton
1st Place Gracious Professionalism 34011 Brickwarriors Family/Community Edison
2nd Place Gracious Professionalism 25663 Brick Masters Family/Community Edison
1st Place Teamwork 31281 Incredibots Girl Scouts Plainsboro
2nd Place Teamwork 44748 CyberBricks Family/Community Edison
1st Place Inspiration 38684 Team Technopath Roy W Brown Middle School North Brunswick
2nd Place Inspiration 44187 Cerebellum Livingston Robotics Club Livingston
1st Place Robot Performance (485) 4618 CyberHawks Holdrum Middle School River Vale
2nd Place Robot Performance (475) 37730 The Martians Family/Community Princeton Junction
1st Place Strategy & Innovation 23828 Primoris Lions Primoris Academy Westwood
2nd Place Strategy & Innovation 37477 Legorio Family/Community Westfield
1st Place Programming 3411 Thunder Family Friends South Plainfield
2nd Place Programming 32072 CYB0RGS Family/Community Ramsey
1st Place Mechanical Design 32581 Flame Machines Livingston Robotics Club Millburn
2nd Place Mechanical Design 4295 COLAbots Home School Flanders
1st Place Presentation 44637 Lego Dragons Auten Road Intermediate School Edison
2nd Place Presentation 38211 Thingamabot Livingston Robotics Club Livingston
1st Place Innovative Solution 37909 Extraordinary Engineers Family/Community Princeton Junction
2nd Place Innovative Solution 27208 Primoris Cubs PRIMORIS ACADEMY Westwood
1st Place Research 44508 RoboWarriors Family/Community Hillsborough
2nd Place Research 35076 Phoenix Robotics Home School Basking Ridge
Judges Award 32197 H2O Family/Community Basking Ridge
Coach Mentor (Mrs Tami) 47950 Robotic Gladiators Princeton Day School Montclair
Volunteer of the Year (Doug Polk) Mt. Olive HS Mt. Olive

*Advancing to Detroit World Festival

**Advancing to Carlsbad LegoLand Open Championships

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