LRC FLL Calendar of Events 2019 / 2020 season

Sept 25 – Meeting with Livingston Township Planning Board
Oct 3 – Guest Speaker – KPMG Project Manager for construction
Oct 8 – Visit to Bike Livingston
Oct 17 – TBD
Oct 24 – TBD
Oct 30 – LRC Coaches Meeting – Prepping for FLL qualifiers

Note events listed above are open only to LRC Teams. Please see our Facebook page for event details and signup.

Sun Sept 22, 730pm @ LRC Clubhouse: FLL – How to “join a team” / “start a team” & LRC AMA

Focus this session is on:
–Forming your own team
–Starting your own team

7:30-8:30pm: Gathering of Families:
Bringing together families looking to join a team. Format is open ended, but in a social setting. Bring a simple game for your kids to play with others kids. Strongly encourage parents to step forward and coach their own teams. Finding an existing team to join is nearly impossible, so best to form your own teams.

8:30pm – 9:00pm AMA Bill Lam
Format will be ask Bill Lam anything about how to start a team. Quick 6 step presentation on how to start a team.

Event is for anybody in the north & central NJ regions, but typically most folks are from Essex, Morris, Union counties and others from Bergen, Passaic, Somerset and Middlesex counties. Event is open to all ages, but must have an interest or connection to FLL. RSVP required.

RSVP via Facebook at

LRC FIRST Lego League (FLL) Kickoff – Sunday Sept 8 @ 8pm 9:30pm

With the warm glow of summer vacations still energizing our thoughts, it’s time to redirect that buzz into a new season of FIRST Lego League FLL robotics competitions. It’s an exciting new year of FLL robotics with several major changes to the competition. Please join us as we kickoff the FLL season at the Livingston Robotics Clubhouse @ 290 West Mount Pleasant Ave, Livingston, NJ 07039. Enter 1st floor @ the south entrance (closest to Rt.10). Event is open to all ages and only requirement is that you have an interest in FLL as a student competitor, mentor, coach, or volunteer. RSVP at


  • 8:00-8:30pm: Exit 6 Brobotics, a veteran VEX IQ team (2018 VIQ NJ State Excellence Award, 2019 US Open VIQ Design Award) will be on hand to host an AMA about their experiences preparing for their first season of FLL.
  • 8:30-9:00pm: General Q&A hosted by LRC volunteers
  • 9:00-9:30pm: Mini “Find, Form, Grow” Robotics team meetup to connect those looking to join a team, form a team, or grow an existing team.

To have your team join LRC please fill out the form at:

Teams that sign up for LRC membership by September 7th, 2019 11:59pm will receive a ruler engraved with their team name. One for each registered team member, to be handed out at the event on September 8th. 


Team list of the LRC FLL Jr. Expo on May 18, 2019

Only the 50 teams listed below are registered for our FLL Jr. Expo on May 18, 2019. If you have questions, please contact us.

Team # Team Name # of members Table # Color
89 Lego Blasters 3 A7 Yellow
467 Lunar Explorers 6 B8 Yellow
3454 RoboDominators 4 C10 Yellow
7188 Super Lego Bros 4 A10 Yellow
8000 Fantastic 5 5 B7 Yellow
8772 Space Rebels 6 E4 Green
9996 Man on the Moon 4 E8 Yellow
10462 Speedway Boys 3 B10 Yellow
11151 Microminions 5 D6 Yellow
11173 APdroids 3 A9 Yellow
11506 LegoBots 6 A8 Yellow
11734 RoboNuts 6 C6 Yellow
11900 Flaming Tornados 5 D5 Green
13600 Livingston HuaXia Team One 6 A4 Green
13601 Livingston HuaXia Team Two 6 A5 Green
13619 Livingston HuaXia Team Three 5 A2 Green
13620 Livingston HuaXia Team Four 6 A3 Green
13899 The Lego Einsteins 6 D2 Green
14073 Mighty Sparks 5 E6 Yellow
14344 Brick masters jr 5 D3 Green
15013 ACE FLL Jr. Team 6 E9 Yellow
16157 Team discovery 2 D1 Green
16520 Robo Munchkins 5 D9 Yellow
16565 Lunarians Base 3024 2 C9 Yellow
16590 Galaxy Girls 6 E5 Green
16738 JEAR’s Moon 3 E2 Green
17782 Moon Blast Off Pros 6 C7 Yellow
17928 Galaxy Machine 6 A1 Green
17947 Rocketship Constellations 2 D4 Green
17975 Lego Masters of Bergen and Rockland 6 D7 Yellow
18011 MoonRovers 6 D8 Yellow
18183 NASA’s Team 6 6 E10 Yellow
18374 North Caldwell Rockets 4 A6 Yellow
18405 Futuristic Moon Tech 6 E7 Yellow
18666 Sky Walkers 4 C5 Green
18680 Angelbots 6 B6 Yellow
18681 Cool Cosmonauts 6 B9 Yellow
18770 Moon Masters 5 E3 Green
18813 Legonauts 2 E1 Green
18815 Hope 2 C8 Yellow
18850 Rainbow Brights 2 B1 Green
18979 Moon Quest 2 C4 Green
18984 Lego Builders 5 B4 Green
18985 Hartshorn Wizards 6 B5 Green
18986 Team Gryffindor 6 B3 Green
18999 Hartshorn Gamers 3 C2 Green
19007 Mission Metis 4 C1 Green
19008 Lego moon Scientist 3 C3 Green
19009 Circuit Breaker 3 B2 Green
19045 Moonwalkers 3 D10 Yellow

Upcoming STEM and Robotics Events in NJ

Sat May 11 3PM to 5 PM Montclair Society of Engineers ANNUAL HIGH SCHOOL ROBOTICS EXTRAVAGANZA! Each May, MSE (Montclair Society of Engineers) celebrates the accomplishments of the local high school robotics teams sponsored by the MSE: Montclair Robotics, Mechanical Mustangs of Clifton, and Equitum Robotics of Paterson. An afternoon of STEM for kids and adults of all ages. Free admission. Robot demonstrations. STEM activities, food and fun. Montclair High School, 100 Chestnut St, Montclair, NJ 07042

Sun May 19, NYC RoboCup Jr. is an incredible competition with impressive robot designs. Event starts at 8am at Trinity School in Manhattan. Parking is available onsite but generally also easy to find on the street in that section of Manhattan. Teams qualify here to go to RCJ World Championships held this year in Perth, Australia. In RCJ you’ll find a vast variety of robots from EV3 to Arduino competing against each other in rescue missions or on a soccer field. LRC’s own Spongebots will be competing in the Lightweight Soccer category.

Sat June 8, 2019 Find Form Grow Robotics Team & AMA  June Edition: Hosted by Exit 5A Robotics, this is a two for one special with an AMA session. This is the fourth in a somewhat-monthly series that seeks to connect families looking for like minded families to FORM a robotics team. Also seeks to connect those looking to FIND a robotics team with robotics teams looking to GROW by adding new members. The AMA (Ask Me Anything) session will focus on the Exit 5A journey this year a 5th year FLL team winning NJ State Championships and their award winning experience at FIRST World Festival. Event will be by RSVP only at Livingston Robotics Club, 290 W. Mount Pleasant Ave, Livingston, NJ 1:00-2:30pm. Grades k-12. RSVP at: ttps://

Sat Aug 3, 2019 World Robot Olympiad NJ Qualifier #2 Lego WeDo & Lego EV3 Mindstorms. 2 to 3 person teams. Age categories range from K-12 grades. Event open to all WRO competition categories except University.


Sun April 7, 2019Find, Form, Grow a Robotics Team Mar-Apr Edition: Hosted by Exit 5A Robotics, this is the third in a monthly series that seeks to connect families looking for like minded families to FORM a robotics team. Also seeks to connect those looking to FIND a robotics team with robotics teams looking to GROW by adding new members. West Orange Public Library 2:30-4:30pm. Grades k-12. More Info:   RSVP here

Sat March 16, 2019 – 2nd Annual Girls In Engineering Day: Hosted by Exit 5 Robotics, this event brings together over 30 girls robotics teams in FIRST Lego League , FLL Jr, FIRST Tech Challenge FTC, VEX IQ, VEX VRC, World Robot Olympiad WRO and women’s STEM organizations IEEE-WIE, ACM-W, NCWIT, SWE from the region to exhibit at the Liberty Science Center . Please contact if you are interested in hosting a booth. All ages.

Fri March 1, 2019 Deadline to register for ProjectCSGIRLS CompetitionExciting nationwide computer science competition for 6th-8th grade girls. Mentors available to assist. More information at

Sun February 24, 2019Find, Form, Grow a Robotics Team February Edition: Hosted by Exit 5A Robotics, this is the second in a monthly series that seeks to connect families looking for like minded families to FORM a robotics team. Also seeks to connect those looking to FIND a robotics team with robotics teams looking to GROW by adding new members. Grades k-12. More information & signup at:

Mon February 18, 2019 – 12th Annual FIRST Robotics Exhibition: Six North Jersey FLL teams four NJ FTC teams will be showcasing their robots at the Liberty Science Center as part of Engineering Everywhere Week. All ages.


2018 Northern NJ FLL Championship Robot Game Rankings

Congratulations to these top 40% teams! LRC team the Flame Machines won the 2nd Place with their excellent opening round, and the 1st Place Champion’s Award winner Exit 5A Robotics achieved a solid top score of 148 points.

Rank Team # Team Name Highest Score Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
1 25231 Robo Raptors 262 164 262 206
2 32581 Flame Machines 238 238 222 144
3 31773 Hyper Circuits 221 113 115 221
4 17049 AoOL RoboNation 188 111 117 188
5 23828 Primoris Lions 184 163 184 158
6 24819 Futuristic Engineers 182 74 154 182
7 30914 Wall Robo Knights 182 182 134 147
8 30745 MindsOfSteel 180 51 53 180
9 3411 Thunder 176 144 176 138
10 38468 Bear Bots 170 170 111 29
11 7377 Bender Bots 169 143 153 169
12 18528 Mega Bots 168 112 149 168
13 34957 Robo Rockets 167 129 125 167
14 31023 BananaBots 167 86 167 80
15 34266 Midknight Robo Thinkers 159 143 159 151
16 31422 LightningBots 158 158 97 42
17 31107 Trypticon 157 137 90 157
18 4618 CyberHawks 155 82 37 155
19 4527 Shooting Stars 154 154 93 89
20 23122 Mindtech 151 117 10 151
21 37130 SPARK 150 111 141 150
22 2228 Exit 5A Robotics 148 121 148 96
23 4295 COLAbots 144 99 144 84
24 40223 HOW BOT DAT 141 141 96 90
25 30741 Meme Team 140 76 125 140
26 23335 Nerd Herd 138 58 56 138
27 37539 Octo 3.14… 137 127 137 55
28 31104 Monster Mechanics 135 135 133 61
29 3607 CoBots 134 31 134 112
30 11768 Buzz Aldrin ETC 134 134 72 109
31 30486 Krypton Warriors 132 74 132 91
32 16130 Space Force 132 61 46 132

2018 Northern NJ FLL Championship Award Winners

Award Team # Team Name Organization Township
Champion’s Award, #1 2228 Exit 5A Robotics Livingston Robotics Club Livingston
Champion’s Award, #2 4618 CyberHawks Holdrum Middle School Westwood
Champion’s Award, #3 18528 Mega Bots Neighborhood Group Ridgewood
Robot Performance #1 (262) 25231 Robo Raptos Family/Community Fair Lawn
Robot Performance #2 (238) 32581 Flame Machines Livingston Robotics Club Millburn
Robot Strategy & Innovation, #1 11768 Buzz Aldrin ETC Mt. Hebron Middle School Montclair
Robot Strategy & Innovation, #2 38069 Short Circuit Family/Community Edison
Robot Programming, #1 23122 Mindtech Pierrepont School Rutherford
Robot Programming, #2 5623 The U.F.O.s Youth Organization Riverdale
Robot Design, #1 34957 Robo Rockets Home School Parsippany
Robot Design, #2 31550 Creative Circuit Breaker Family/Community Pennington
Project Presentation, #1 23828 Primoris Lions Primoris Academy Westwood
Project Presentation, #2 4295 COLAbots Home School Flanders
Project Innovative Solution, #1 30486 Krypton Warriors Home School Parsippany
Project Innovative Solution, #2 7377 Bender Bots Neighborhood Group West Windsors
Project Research, #1 9643 Lego Lords Immaculate Conception School Annadale
Project Research, #2 15878 Adroit Robotics Livingston Robotics Club Livingston
CV Gracious Professionalism, #1 21284 Princeton Plutonians J. Witherspoon Middle School Princeton
CV Gracious Professionalism, #2 37130 Spark Family/Community Princeton Junction
CV Teamwork, #1 3100 STA Brainstormers St. Thomas the Apostle School Bloomfield
CV Teamwork, #2 37496 SAS Squad Family/Community Old Bridge
CV Inspiration, #1 42053 GearChangers Family/Community Plainsboro
CV Inspiration, #2 40223 HOW BOT DAT Family/Community Somerset
Judges Award 31287 Beyond Infinity Family/Community Princeton
Judges Award 32037 Midnight Thinkers Millstone River School Plainsboro
Judges Award 31107 Trypticon Government Montville
Mentor of the Year Award 4295 Pam Heinrich COLAbots Flanders
Volunteer Award Cheryl Broer Mt. Olive

LRC FLL Teams Competing to get “Into Orbit”

The Northern New Jersey FLL Championship concluded the super exciting and fun December weekend with team Exit 5A Robotics, an LRC member, taking home the crown jewel of the 2-day event: 1st Place Champion’s Award! They will be representing the region at the FIRST World Festival next year. Congratulations!!!

Two other LRC teams that advanced to the Championship also got their hands full: Team Adroit Robotics received the 2nd Place Project Research Award, and team Flame Machines got the 2nd Place Robot Performance Award with 238 points.

Congratulations also go to teams RoboKnights, Robot Nation, Thingamabot, and WINJAS for successfully competing in regional qualifiers. Competition experiences and profiles of all these teams are being posted to our Facebook page:

Recapping Exit 5A Robotics’ FLL AMA FIRST Lego League – Ask Me Anything

Exit 5A Robotics held their FIRST (punny!) AMA (Ask Me Anything) session for FLL FIRST Lego League on Oct 14th. Held a concurrent online streaming session for people to ask questions as well as parents & kids attending in person. We had 63 interested respondents on Facebook with 8 Facebook’ers attending in person and 34 in-person RSVPs via Google. Wide variety of folks in attendance with interest in FLL and FLL Junior. The all-girl Exit 5A team was able to share their diversity of experiences including some FLL Junior, FLL, WRO, VEX. E5A’s panelists were equally diverse with some having 1yr of FLL experience, another coming from another FLL team, one that left the team in 2016, and one that aged out in 2018, and some with 8 continuous years of robotics. We had a table with our robots, and mingled afterwards with parents & coaches & team members. We hope it was a useful session for those that attended!
Entire session is available for viewing at
Thanks to Kelly Eagen from LRC & Spongebots for moderating.
Contact for more information, improvements, or suggestions for future events.

Learn About FLL via AMA with Exit 5A Robotics Oct 14th 4:00pm – 530pm

RSVP here

All-Girls Exit 5A Robotics AMA (Ask Me Anything) about FLL FIRST Lego League.

With 31 years of collective FLL seasons and 21 robotics competition events, the all-girls STEM’ers of Exit 5A Robotics are hosting a Team AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Oct 14th 430pm to 530pm at Livingston Robotics Club (290 W. Mount Pleasant Ave, Livingston, NJ). We’ll also be livestreaming and you can submit questions via chat. We’ll have a bunch of our FLL and WRO robots on display as well. Bring your robots if you have robot specific questions.

The call is out for parents, students, coaches to bring their burning FLL questions and unanswered mysteries of competitive robotics to the student members of Exit 5A Robotics. We don’t propose to know everything. We may not always have the right answers. We don’t always win and have at times been outright crushed at competitions. But we can definitely share the unique and rarely heard perspective of young roboticists.

Consider that the vast majority of information about FLL and competitive robotics is spoken, written, disseminated, and posted by adults who are coaches, mentors, or organizing competition committees. This event offers parents, coaches, and students the opportunity to ask questions and hear unvarnished answers from the E5A team, including current and former team members. The event will be lightly moderated by an adult mentor. In essence, ask anything but abide by FLL Core Values.

For those that cannot make it in person, we are also planning to stream the event online and field questions online.

4:00-4:30 pot luck – light snacks & refreshments
4:30-5:30 AMA session (livestream starts 430pm)

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