North American Open Championship @ LegoLand

On the awards stage at the North American Invitational Open Championship

The 2012 Senior Solutions season saw Exit 5 Robotics win trophies nearly 3000 miles apart, from sea to shining sea, from the Garden State to the Golden State, and from Livingston-Land to Lego-Land.  To close out the season, the team squished their enthusiasm, their robots, their research project, and their programs into a dozen carry on suitcases and flew to California for the FLL North American Open Championships in Carlsbad.  Against 75 top teams from North America and two teams specially invited from South Korea, Exit 5 Robotics competed intensely while demonstrating graciousness in a professional manner.

Jr.FLL Expo Photos and Certificates

LRC JrFLL Expo group photo 2013

The 4th annual Livingston Robotics Club Jr. FIRST LEGO League Expo 2013 was a success! Photos and “Super Seniors” certificates are now available to download at our Super Seniors Expo page. See Landroids Facebook for more event photos.

Exit 5 Paints with Robots at the Morris Museum

paint the robot, robot paints the canvas

This past winter, Exit 5 Robotics spent time at the Morris Museum’s Toying with Art Festival.  In keeping with the theme, the team attempted to build several robots that could create “art”.  In the end, they settled on what could be characterized as a robot that created Rorschach images.  With a random movements, the robot drew interesting patterns on a canvas for each participant.  Our young visitors were able to select the wheel patterns and paint colors to be used.  Each person was able to take home their famous robot created artwork.  In addition to the robot drawing activity, the team also ran an adjacent FLL table demonstrating the Senior Solutions Robot Challenge and their Project Research.

2013 LRC Jr.FLL Expo Results

Livingston, NJ on May 25, 2013. For more information about this event, please visit our Super Seniors Expo page.

Our Jr.FLL Expo, New Location, Same Schedule

Due to the weather, our Jr.FLL Expo will be indoor this year. Here is the new location:

Date: Saturday, May 25, 2013
Time: 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM

Where: Cafeteria of Livingston High School (30 Robert H Harp Drive, Livingston, NJ)

Parking: The north parking lot of Livingston High School (near the football field and the swimming pool) and enter from the north entrance.

See more details about this on this post (

2013 LRC Jr. FIRST LEGO League Expo – “Super Seniors”, May 25, 2013


The 4th annual outdoor Livingston Robotics Club Jr. FIRST LEGO League (Jr. FLL) Expo is here! All 2012-13 registered “Super Seniors” Jr. FLL teams will present their projects and LEGO models including moving parts and robotics programming.

Come and cheer young children ages 6-9 from 7 NJ Counties: Bergen, Camden, Essex, Mercer, Middlesex, Morris and Passaic. This event is open to the public. 

Date: Saturday, May 25, 2013
Time: 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM

Where: Cafeteria of Livingston High School (30 Robert H Harp Drive, Livingston, NJ )

Parking: The north parking lot of Livingston High School and enter from the north entrance.

FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship 2013

Landroids at FTC World Championship 2013

In its 3rd year at the FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship in St. Louis this April 2013, team Landroids #4220 received unprecedented 5 out of 6 major award nominations, plus took home the Edison Division Finalist Alliance Captain Award and the 1st place PTC Design Challenge Award.

Continued to be a well rounded team and the winner of 2012 FTC Inspire Award Hall of Fame team, Landroids received award nomination for first runner up Inspire Award, Think Award, Rockwell Collins Innovate Award, PTC Design Award and Connect Award.

Out of 128 teams from 16 countries, Landroids maintained a high performing robot, which ranked in top 4 out of 64 teams in one of the two divisions, and advanced into final elimination round as the Finalist Alliance Captain with two other selected alliance teams, CHS Cougars #4102 from Maplewood, NJ and Da Peeps #3485 from Flint, MI.

This marked the 6th successful season for team Landroids as the oldest Livingston Robotics Club team.


Robotic Ninjas in the Final Stretch

Robotic Ninjas is in its final model building stretch and having  lot of fun!

LRC 2013-14 Registration is Opened

Individual member application and team registration for the 2013-14 season is now opened. We are accepting individual member application till June 15, 2013 for students seeking a team or would like to form a new team.  Please refer to the “Apply” page for more details. Placement to an existing LRC team is not guaranteed.

Robotic Ninjas Has Fun With Research

photo 3

This is our first Junior First Lego League project.  We learned that our challenge was to make a model and do research on a change that has happened from our grandparents time till now.  We bugged our grandparents with a lot of questions and came up with lots of research ideas. We also had a huge box of Legos and at first didn’t really know what to do so we kept playing and built different machines. We’re building our model to show a supermarket from the past and one from now.  We have so many ideas, it’s hard to fit everything into the model.  We think we may make the model in two levels!  Is that allowed even????

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