Junior FIRST LEGO League (Jr.FLL)

The Jr. FIRST LEGO League is for ages 6 to 9, made up of a team of  2 to 6 members, the season is from June to May. This Jr. FLL program is available in Canada, Belgium, Israel, the Netherlands and the U.S.

The schedule for Jr.FLL is very flexible. It is up to the pace of each team.  Team may meet once a week (about 1-2 hours each) for about 6-10 weeks. Then participate in one of the Jr.FLL Expos to show their work and have fun in a non-competitive event with other Jr.FLL teams.

There is no hard deadline to start or end the  team season, as long as it is somewhere between June to April. You may need to target which Expo your team wants to participate and plan the team meetings accordingly. The earliest NJ Jr. FLL Expo is the State event held on the 2nd weekend of December. There is a spring Expo in south Jersey happening in March, and the last Expo in the season is usually the LRC Jr.FLL Expo in Livingston which is held on the Memorial Weekend Saturday. Dates and events are subject to change from year to year.

See FIRST website for the list of Expos (make sure the Junior FIRST LEGO League and Events boxes are checked for the State selected).

General Information

LRC Activities in Jr.FLL Division

LRC has engaged in community outreach activities to help new coaches.

News and Events

Browse our blog entries to read posts related to the Jr.FLL program. The site is updated quite often throughout the season:

Jr.FLL Expos

All Expos in New Jersey for 2012-2013 season are listed here. The events are open to all registered Jr.FLL teams to participate (with event registration fee). They are free and open to the public to visit:

Contact Us

Please contact us  to inquire about how to become a member team of LRC. Benefits include coach mentorship from veteran Jr.FLL coaches, access to LRC events, access to facilities available to LRC Jr.FLL teams in Livingston, and more.

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